09 || The First Acknowledgment of Love

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Around 7 pm, both Khushali and Sidharth reached home. Khushali had told Sidharth that she'll go home alone but he insisted on picking her up and both of them went home together.

After freshening up, Khushali went to make coffee for them while Sidharth was relaxing in their room. Lying on the bed with his eyes closed, he was trying hard to numb his mind for a while as he really wanted to rest.

But poor Sidharth's wish couldn't be fulfilled as suddenly his phone started buzzing. Irritated, he didn't bother to pick the call. But when the phone kept buzzing constantly, he angrily picked his phone up to see who was calling. It was a private number, from Sidharth was getting blank calls for a couple of days.

The caller was weird. Whoever the caller was, just used to call Sidharth and whenever Sidharth picked the call up, there was complete silence on the other side of the phone. He had asked Jay to get the details of the blank caller and trace the location. But his caller was quite smart, as Jay had said. The calls were always made from different locations, from all over India. Jay had tried to get the details of the caller, but he couldn't get that, which concreted Jay and Sidharth's doubts that this caller wasn't just a prankster, rather it was planned!

Sidharth answered the call and said threateningly, "Whoever you are, either have guts to speak to me when you call or better stop troubling me. What's your problem? You call me, but never dare to speak a word. What's your motive behind calling me? Listen if now you won't speak, in next few days, I'll get hold of you and then you'll see what I'll do with you!"

Sidharth after threatening the caller, waited for the caller to reply. But all he got to hear was a laughter, an dangerously threatening sort of chuckle. And then the call was ended.

Sidharth felt as if he had heard this laughter somewhere before. But where? He heard this sound, this sort of chuckle... but where and whose voice was it? Why couldn't't he remember it?

He groaned and held his head in his hands. Beside all the trouble going on in his life, his headache was also a major issue for him. Lack of sleep, uncountable amount of stress, exhaustion, and his emotional state, this all had sum up to his headache which seemed permanent to him.

He massaged his temples and lied back on bed. But his headache wasn't going anywhere, rather he felt his head would explode. He had consulted a doctor too, and the doctor had advised him for rest. But when his entire life was in a dirty mess, how can he relax and take rest.

Already irked, he groaned again because of the shooting pain in his head, but then felt someone else's hand massaging his head instead of his own hands. He opened his eyes, and saw his wife, Khushali sitting beside him, giving him a head massage with her soft hands. He held her hand and asked, confused, "When did you came back to room Khushali?"

Khushali was well aware of Sidharth's headache. She knew it was because of his distressed professional life. After coming back home, she thought to make a strong cup of coffee for him, to help him a bit. She made two cups of coffee and placed it on a tray. She took a some wafers for Sidharth and then headed to their room.

When she was entering the room, she saw Sidharth groaning in pain while massaging his head. She quickly kept the tray on the side table, and went to sit beside Sidharth and massaged his head.

"When you were groaning in pain! I have talked with your physician Sidharth, and he told that you need rest. Why don't you take a couple of days off from work and rest in home. It will help you out or else your headache would just increase," said Khushali, looking down at Sidharth.

Sidharth got up and spoke to her, still holding her hand, "I know Khushali I should do that but I've told you enough times that it's not possible. Things are just becoming uncontrollable and if I take even a day's break, then even that will do a lot of damage for me plus that would only increase my work load. So please chillax. I'm fine and it'll be all okay soon."

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