Chapter 18

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---- 48 days left ----

"Don't you have therapy today?" Santana asked turning the music down.

"Yup." I affirmed and as we got closer to the hospital I saw her giving me a weird look.

"Then why am I tagging along?" We got stuck in a red light and I turned to her.

"You have a problem San. And my therapist is really good. He knows what he's doing, we're going to see him."

"What? No!" I grinned because she couldn't get out of the car.

"San, when's the last time you've been in the studio?" She looked down. "Or went an entire day without drinking?" She was burning a hole through the car floor. "Don't you think this is affecting you?" I asked gently. "Affecting your marriage?" I think she seriously considered getting out then but the light turned green and we went. "We're both pretty fucked up S. It's affecting our relationships with others. The last time I actually hung out with Rachel was that morning a little over a week ago! We've barely texted! It's almost like she wants nothing to do with me anymore!" I looked over at her, then back at the road, she was crying. "Brittany threatened to leave, San. That's huge. If you don't get off this path your entire life is gonna go right past you. One day you'll wake up with no wife, no money, no record deal, and no friends. But you'll be surrounded by bottles. I want what's best for you Santana." I did another glance. She was clearly fighting hard to keep the tears back and was still looking at the floor. "I already paid for your session so if you don't go it's a waste of money." I reached out and grabbed her hand. "Were gonna get through this together. Like all sisters would. And everything's gonna be okay. I was a valedictorian at Yale! I know this stuff." She gave me a weak smile and we pulled into the parking lot. I went around the other side and opened the door for her and we walked in. She was scared and looking down, I could tell she was embarrassed, but still followed close behind me. "You're first. You can do this." I whispered and gave her a smile and a quick hug. "Everything will be alright."

She came out an hour later smiling through tears. She hugged me and I hugged back. "What did I tell you?"

"Lots of stuff most of which I didn't listen to, but all of which were probably right." I laughed.

"Now there's a change. Santana admits she's wrong." she gave me a fake stern look and wipes away her tears.

"No I said you were right, there a difference. Now go to your session or whatever, I'll read this ten year old fashioned magazine." I smiled at her and walked inside.

"Hello Lucy." I nodded in acknowledgment of him and he smiled. "Let's start with your mother."

---- 1 hour later ----

"What's next bitch?" Santana asked as we got back into the car.

"Now, we get jobs." She gave me a deadpan look.

"No way. Santana Lopez does not get a minimum wage job working for other people." I laughed, and she snarled slightly.

"Now you're referring to yourself in the third person?" I asked raising my eyebrow. I pulled into Safeway. "This is going to suck for both of us. But it's gonna help us, we're both gonna get the girl. Well, I guess in your case you're going to get back the girl." I tried to smile and she just got out of the car without a second glance.

"Hi, hello, yeah you." she pointed to a scared looking teenager. Old Santana was back! I'm not sure if that's a good thing, but too late now. "I needs to talk to your manager. Chop, chop." he scampered off and I giggled.

"Alright San, simmer down." A balding man came up to us. "Hi, we'd like to apply for a job here." I gave him a charming smile, and Santana smirked.

"What are your credentials?"

"This is Safeway, not a fricken law firm." Santana pointed to the help wanted sign. "You wanted help, you gots it. Now when do we start."

"You better just give it to us, if you don't she'll beat you up. I've been at the receiving end of one of her slaps a few times, it's not fun." Santana stretched one of her arms, in a threatening manner.

"Um, well, yeah, sure. You got the job." he scratched the back of his neck then ran away as fast as he could, while still being polite. I high fived her.

"Good cop bad cop! Takes me back." We laughed.

"Oh we did that all the time in high school. You charmed the pants off that guy, who I guess is now our... boss?" I nodded and we headed out. She got in the drivers seat.

"Okay your turn." I laughed then turned serious.

"Where are you taking me?" She raised an eyebrow in a passable imitation of me.

"Wouldn't want to ruin the surprise, now would we Tubbers?" She teased. I glared harder at her.

"I hate surprises." She smiled brightly.

"Right, because you once got surprised with a baby in your vagina. Then Finn sang to your parents about it, as a huge surprise to you, need I go on?"

"Where are you taking me Santana?" I demanded as we pulled into a tiny apartment building in the east village.

"Lucy. Before we go in there, you need to relax. Okay? You need to do this, and everything will work out okay? I believe in you."


"Wes in Rachel territory. And it's Lucy season."

"What? I-I can't go in there, she'll kill me or- or sing to me, remember the last time she sung one on one with me? It didn't turn out well! Santana I-I can't do this..." She grabbed my arm and pulled me through the lobby, past the security guard, up four flights of stairs and straight to her door. "Don't do this Santana, please." Then, Santana Lopez rang the doorbell.

"Hel-oh it you two. W-what are you guys doing here?" Santana shrugged snd gave this sweet smile.

"I was just giving her a ride." Then the Latina turned and walked down the stairs.

"Santana!" I hissed. "Don't leave me bitch!" She laughed and continued walking. "Hi Rachel!"

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