Author's Notes

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Although it is a bit late, I would like to give my thanks for those who chose to read this story. As I am not yet competent to write with great confidence there will be a lot of typographical and grammatical errors coming in and out of each chapters. But, please set your minds at ease since from time to time I will be reading it and re-reading it to constantly erase such errors.

Lucid is another attempt to recreate genre that is quite popular and might have gone to the point of being a cliche, stories like 'Sword Art Online', 'Log Horizon', 'OverLord', '.Hack'... a genre that I only come to know as 'Trap in the Game' genre. But, with a twist. Here, I will be recreating it with the concept of Lucid Dreaming, where the main character is bent on traversing the dream world to go to the game world.

The plot is currently divided into 4 Arcs but may increase when I finalize the stories, and just like with my previous Light Novel 'Kings of the Midnight Congregation' Volumes/Chapters are not yet indicated. The stories in each Arcs have already been plotted  out, but the words have not.

I  am still currently playing and trying to know a lot of MMOs to compensate with my lack of knowledge about status and stuff. Also, I am still writing the backstory/lore of each the 11 worlds.

On a side note, the terminologies are being clustered at the end of the book, but will incorporate the terminologies to the end of each chapters as they appear for easier access.

I am very aware that the genre is already used too often, but if you have time to read it please give it some open mind, although the theme might be the same, however, the concept it pretty much new.

Once again thank you for giving time to read the story, and hope you like it. You may also leave some comments and your very own critique to the story.

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