Chapter 30

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Mira's POV
After our awesome water fight, Rina and I decided to come back to my house. For the first few minutes, we sat and talked like nothing had happened. But after awhile, we fell into an awkward silence. We were both avoiding the fact that we needed to talk about what happened.
"So.. um... How've you been?" I ask her. It was a lame question but we had to start somewhere.
"Good. How bout you?" Rina asked.
We sat for a few more seconds before Rina blurted out "This is ridiculous! We had a fight and I'm over it. And I'm so so sorry. It was a dumb fight."
"I'm sorry too. I've been miserable without you." I told her.
"Me too."
"Friends." We hugged and made up. I knew things wouldn't be the same again but it'll hopefully be close enough.
"So tell me, what's been going on?" I ask.
"Not much. I've made some new friends, been bored, and went on a date with Matt." Rina said nonchalantly.
"What? How was it?"
"Super fun. I think we're hanging out on Tuesday with some other friends. You wanna come? You can meet my new friends." Rina looked at me hopefully. I shook my head.
"Sorry, I'm hanging out with Jay and Jacob."
"Why do you hang out with them? They're nerds."
"So am I. Hang out with us. We're having movie night." I suggested. We weren't really having a movie night, but I didn't want to go hang out with a bunch of Rina's new friends. I don't wanna be left out of inside jokes and feel unwelcome  and uncomfortable the whole night.
"How bought we make a deal."
"What kind of deal?"
"You sit with my friends at lunch on Monday and I'll come to movie night on Tuesday. Deal?" She stuck out her pinky and waited for my response. I considered the deal and thought it was fair. I linked my pinky with hers. 
"Deal" I said and smiled. She smiled widely back and asked "So what's been going on the past month?"
"I've read about 8 books, finished two shows on Netflix, went on a date with Jay, and hung out with Jacob and Jay."
"Ooooh you went on a date?" She asked and wiggled her eyebrows.
"Oh shush. Yes and it was fun and I like him and we're done talking about it." I'm not very good at talking about stuff like this. I always get too embarrassed.
"Alright fine. By the way I like the new outfits."
"You noticed?" I asked, surprised. I knew she noticed because she made fun of me for it, but I wanted to act like that never happened.
"Ya of course I noticed. Just cause we weren't talking doesn't mean I wasn't paying attention."

We spent the next 3 hours catching up and becoming friends again. I hadn't realized how much I missed her until today. Hanging out with Jay and Jacob was fun but a girl needs a best friend. When it was time for dinner, we walked downstairs and everyone looked very surprised to see Rina.
"Hi Rina. I haven't seen you in a while. There's some extra food if you wanna stay for dinner," Mom said.
"Sure. Thank you." Rina replied.
"Where've you been? Mira's been very crabby lately." Della said. I punched her as hard as I could on the shoulder.
"Owww." She whined and rubbed her arm.
"Ya she's been sitting around pouting." Cameron said.
"I'll punch you too." I threatened.
"You don't have to worry. I'll be over a lot more now." Rina said and smiled at me.
"Are you staying the night?" Mom asked.
"Ya. Is that ok?" Rina looked at me she she asked. I smiled widely and nodded.
"Just don't stay up late. You have school tomorrow." Dad lectured. Rina and I looked at each other and laughed. We both knew we'd stay up late and regret it in the morning.

After dinner, we went upstairs and picked out a bunch of movies to watch. We ate tons of junk food, jumped on the bed, had a dance party, and giggled a lot. We stayed up past 2am and had to wake up at 7:30. And we definitely regretted it the next day. By time lunch came, we were both ready to go to bed. I had even forgotten about our deal. Out of habit, I walked over to Jay and Jacob's table. Before I even sat down, Rina grabbed my hand and tried to drag me to her table. I yanked my hand out of hers and said "Hold on let me tell them I'm not sitting here today."
Rina rolled her eyes but nodded. She could tell I was stalling.
"Rina's making me sit with her friends today. And do you guys wanna have movie night tomorrow?" I asked.
"Ya sure." They both said.
"Alright I'll text you later." I turned back to Rina and she grabbed my hand again. She started dragging me to her table and I felt someone beside me. I looked over and Jay was walking on my right side and Jacob walking on my left.
"What are you doing?" I ask them.
"Sitting with you. Duh." Jacob said like it was obvious.
"We're not gonna make you sit alone with the people that Rina left you for." Jay told me quietly so Rina couldn't hear.
"You don't have to-"
"Yes we do now shut up and walk," Jacob rudely said. A couple more steps and we reached the table. A bunch of people looked up at us and I shifted awkwardly. They all stared wide eyed at Jay and Jacob while Rina introduced everyone. People made room for us and I sat in between J&J. Rina tried to get Jacob to move over but he wouldn't budge so she decided to sit across from me instead. It was silent for a couple seconds before people tried to make small talk with us. "Just let me know if you wanna leave." Jay whispered in my ear. "These people look boring." Jacob said into the other ear. I had to try not to smile because he was right; they do look boring. Eventually, people broke off into separate conversations and many people tried to talk to Rina but she would quickly end the conversation and go back to taking to me. I talked to Matt for awhile and he seemed nice. I didn't really talk to anyone unless they talked to me first. Not a lot of people tried to engage a conversation with me because every time they did, Jay or Jacob glared at them. They were like personal boy guards that I didn't need or want. Jay and Jacob didn't talk unless they were whispering mean things about people to me. Overall, it was an ok lunch; it could've gone a lot worse.
After lunch, Rina and I reluctantly separated to go to different classes. Now that we were friends again, we didn't want to stop being near each other. I missed my best friend and I'm so happy we're talking again. Now it's time to start trouble again. I've got a whole list of pranks we need to do. Just cause J&J were my friends now, doesn't mean I wasn't getting my payback.

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