~5 years later~

Lily's POV

Hi! I'm Lily and I'm 5 years old. My mommy and daddy are getting married today. And I'm the flower girl. My brother Peter is gonna be the...ring bear...? I don't know why he has to be a bear to hold the rings...but okay. I have to go get ready now. Aunt Monse is helping me with my dress.

Mia's POV

Wow..so it's been a while. Luke and I are finally getting married. Today is the big day and I couldn't be more excited! I still can't believe he still wants to marry me! You see, the things is, in the past five years I've been on three world tours. Luke and the guys were my opening act. It's funny how we kinda switched places.. 

Anyways, we obviously brought Lily and Peter with us and the fans adored them, and they adored the fans! But of course when you get famous, the rumors get OUT OF CONTROL! So the rumor that almost ruined our relationship was when multiple fans were saying that I was cheating on Luke with my manager Bryan. And everyone was aware that Bryan had feelings for me that i didn't have in return.

 But a fan took a picture of what looked like he was trying to give me a hickey... 

What really happened was, I was going to an interview on Good Morning America and my microphone (the kind they put on your shirt) cord was stuck in my earring. Bryan was trying to get it out and a fan started snapping pictures and then the next thing you know, it's in the magazines, "Mia Evans is cheating with her manager?!?" 

Luke wouldn't listen to anything I said. We were broken up for...like 2 months. Then during the last show of our most recent tour (which is when all of this happened) Bryan put security footage of when he was trying to fix my mic on the big screen. Luke saw it and apologized immediately. 

That was last year. We've totally worked everything out. But SO much more has happened! I've completely mended my relationship with my parents! Yeah, just kidding. But they are coming to the wedding and they've been to a couple of my shows, so we're getting there. But anyways, I'll let everyone else tell their stories.

Luke's POV

You know that feeling you get right before you have to present a project in front of your whole class? Imagine that times 200,000,000,000,000. That's how nervous I am right now. I'm nervous because I don't really know how to..wear a suit...don't laugh, I know it's bad.

But besides Mia and I getting married, not much has happened. I mean, the boys and I have released 3 albums and Mia has 4. OOH we've won a few Teen Choice Awards too! We went to court with Josh and Tanya. He's sentenced to 40 years in prison, no bail. Tanya got like 30 years I think. That's all i have to say. I gotta learn how to tie this tie. Do you think Mia would mind if I just wore jeans and a shirt? God I'm 23 years old now and I still can't tie this dumb tie!!

"Luke you are such an idiot!" Calum said laughing as he came into my room to help me with this knot  i made in the tie.

"I'm sorry Calum, I didn't know you were a tie expert! I would've called you sooner." I said sarcastically. 

Calum's POV
So my best friend is finally getting married...I can't believe he actually found somebody that'll put up with him. I mean I never thought anyone would be able to handle treacherous morning breath and even worse BO like Mia can.
On a more serious note though, Luke and Mia's relationship has grown so much since the start. I remember when they first met and he could barely talk to her. He dropped a box on his foot for Christ's sake! Now they seem like they've been together forever, it's just natural. I can only hope that Monse and I turn out the same. I'm beyond grateful that both my best friend and I found such amazing girls.


Mia's POV
Well..I'm officially a married woman. I know it seemed like a long time coming. I felt like I was ready to marry Luke since we played truth or dare that one night way back when. We've been through so many obstacles and I'm anticipating spending the rest of my life with him and getting through even more.

A lot has changed. I'm happy to say that I used to be Mia Evans, the neighbor who didn't want to deal with "egotistical teenage boys". Now I'm Mia Hemmings...

The girl who married one.

You guys are probably gonna flip when you see this update. I sincerely apologize for taking two years but here it is. Love you guys to the moon and back and thanks for sticking with me. This is Rosie signing off  <3

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