What pet he gets you ^·^

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Jeff The Killer
He got you an orange kitten named Pumpkin. Pumpkin loved you but lets just say Jeff's smile extended.

BEN Drowned
He got you a huskey named Oxen to protect you while he wasnt with you.

Eyeless Jack

He got you a Canary that sang "Cant Stand It" by Never Shout Never when you got her. You named her Tweety cuz she is yellow.

Laughing Jack
He got you a trained hyena,well he stole it from a zoo...moral of story is dont judge LJ

He got you a Dove to show his love for you!
(You get cuz Doves are the bird of love,hehe no ok...)

He got you a gray cat named Stormie. She ended up eating chessecake with you guys!

Ticci Toby
Toby got you a fish aquarium with clown fish,lion fish,beta fish, and goldfish. He got little lights so at night when you turned off the lights it would shine on the aquarium.

I hope yall enjoyed that! Well ill see ya next time.
Stay Sweet!

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