Two; The Letter (edited✔️)

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Two; The Letter (edited✔️)

I sat on my leather sofa, home with the rest of my friends as we're just doing what we always plan on doing on a beautiful, sunny day.

Sit on our butts and be on our phones.

Yeah I know, we're really lazy but what's the point, it's 2015. Now and days people have literally forgotten what playground or sports are, but everyone is familiar with food and wifi.
We all sit there in pure silence, only hearing the sound of the turned on television that was showing some episode of Sam & Cat, also the sound of our phone keyboards being pressed at the touch of each of our fingertips. Making music to our ears.

While I go through Vine, I get a notification I have on for, Adela. With a tap of the screen, I read the caption seeing she made a sing Vine of 'She Bad' by Cameron Dallas. I flicker my eyes over across from me at the legend himself, and one of my best friends, Cameron who sat beside Aaron on his phone doing only God knows what.
I put the end of my earpods in the phone jack plugin, listening to the small sweet voice singing the lyrics I've herd about millions of times. While I listened, I tell myself how amazing and good she sounded.
I press on her name, bringing up her profile but my face drops seeing her profile picture is just of her nice, fleeked eyebrows and her hair in a messy bun.

"Hey guys.." I started, looking at them. I guess they chose to ignore me since none give me a hint of there attention.
"Guys.." I repeated, sitting up. Not surprised not getting a response.

"OH MY GOD! JUSTIN BIEBER JUST POSTED SAYING HIS WALKING BY THE NEIGHBORHOOD!" I spoke louder than I planned, but this perked up a Carter Reynolds in a second, even a heartbeat if that's possible.

With a lift of his leg, he ran out the living room and out the hall heading the door slammed wide open with a bang against the wall from the door knob, sending a wave of vibrations around us. "WHERE!?" He yelled, picturing him looking around the road for any sight of his icon.

The boys chuckle at my joke, soon seeing Carter walk back in with an upsetting look plastered on his face.
"That's rude bro.." He tells me, sitting back on his spot. A chuckle vibrates through my throat, smirking a bit.
"Since now I have you attention," I said, "Have you guys herd about Adela?" I asked, looking around them.
"Actually yeah, I just saw her latest Vine singing my song." Cameron spoke up, seeing the look of accomplishment in his eyes. The room filled with agreements and nods.

"What I'm wondering is, what does she even look like for one? I even searched a few times but nothing comes up." Matt says next, turning his phone off. We all sat in silence after, some decided to give a shot of finding a image of the girl. "Wait a minute...." Taylor breathes out next, sitting up. "We should tell Bart about her and she can join Magcon!" He exclaimed loudly, woah, this is happening way too fast.
"We can't just choose who and who not gets to join the tour, Taylor.." Aaron bluntly said, "Bart has to approve."

"And we will.. trust me.."

I was home once again, if your wanting to know, I got at least two boxes to last me for a week or two. Once I put the boxes in the fridge to be chilled, I check the time only to see its now 6:54 p.m. I draw my chin back with a rise of my eyebrows too, time does fly by I guess.

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