First thoughts on you

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(Idek I'm sorry XD)

Scott: *is playing lacrosse* Ok I have to concentrate... Don't miss don't miss don't- *sees you and misses* Who's that? She's pretty. She's looking at me *gets hit in the face*

Stiles: *studying in library* Ok Stiles you have to ace this test! Don't get distracted and study! *you walk in* Keep studying... *you trip and he looks at you* Oh my gosh who's that? She's beautiful... Why is she on the floor? Is she looking at me? YES!

Liam: *eating a slice of pizza* Pizza's good. I love pizza *sees you* damn. I'm sorry pizza but I think I love someone else... She's looking at me *choking on air* Why is she laughing at me when I'm choking? Oh my goooosh I made her smile

Derek: *shopping for random stuff* Ok I don't need anything else.... I have food, water, and- *sees you* I need her though... I should go talk to her.. No. Yes. Uhm just walk away Derek.. She's waving do I wave back? *bumps into a fridge*

Isaac: *riding bike* Nice day. Good day. There's a dog oh my gosh go away dog! Go away! Don't chase me STOP! *hears you laughing* that laugh... That girl wow she's pretty GO AWAY DOG! That's right run away *crashes into tree*


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