Chapter Twenty-Five ~ The Last

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In the last chapter Ava had went into surgery for a new heart transplant, but things went wrong and they found an emergency new donor. Cooper, Grace, and Braxton are all now waiting for the results desperately.

Please read the authors note at the end ♡

Regret was easily seen smothering Cooper as he stood slumped holding her cold lifeless hand. His eyes were still red and glassy with new tears threatening to wash over the old.

His suit was made for a confident man, it was made to show power and intimidate but instead Cooper looked like a mess where his tie loosely hung around his neck, his jacket opened in uncomfortable places and his hair pushed in several different directions; He looked like a broken boy, and that he was.

Her eyes stared lifelessly ahead where they once held a spark with her big blue eyes, Her hair although they had done a nice job of doing it laid limp against the pillow and her usual smile was permanently left in a straight line.

Cooper sighed as he placed his rose between her limp cold fingers. People began pooling into the church and watching Cooper with curious eyes as he stood next to her coffin.

You could see pity and sorrow in many of their eyes as they watched Cooper, obviously observant of his current state and normally Cooper would glare or sneer at them for being so insensitive but today was a different day were all his usual turn offs were allowed; Today was her day.

Grace and Braxton held onto each other physically and mentally for support as they both mourned, Grace more than most but who could blame her.

The church was delicately decorated in white- white flowers, white curtains, white or sometimes cream everything, but everyone was dressed darkly, most or even all in black and not a single color peeking out for one to see. But why did you have to wear all black to the one last celebration of someone? I'd like to think that they'd like you to dress up, have a few drinks, and hit the night off with them, but I suppose it's only respectable to wear black and to show you're mourning for them. So like I said everyone wore black with not a single peep of color to show.

Everyone Except for Ava.

Ava was dressed in a royal blue knee length dress than had lace detailing around the waist, her grandmothers favorite. With her hair loosely curled with her waves and minimal makeup around her cold eyes that stared straight ahead almost lifeless.


The night at the hospital was still crystal clear to Cooper and he still was having nightmares from it.

After Cooper told them to go through with the surgery it was a long wait to even find out what was going on or how Ava's condition was.

It terrified everyone and nobody slept for the 14 hour long surgery.


"How long has it been now?" Grace asked shakily as she sat on the edge of the chair with her leg bouncing back and forth with her coffee in hand.

"Four and a half hours in counting." Cooper said sipping on his coffee on the other side of the waiting room.

"I just wish they'd at least tell us something." Braxton admitted. "Or at least have good coffee." As he sneered at his coffee in hand that still had coffee grounds floating around.

Being that it was around midnight by this point not a lot people were left around in the hospital waiting room. Like a boy with his parents with a high fever or the girl who was stabbed after she was mugged of her hello kitty purse and her iPhone six.

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