One; The Story of Adela (edited✔️)

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One; The Story of Adela (edited✔️)

  I hear the alarm ring in my ears loudly, knowing that it's time for me to get up. I mean, I'm not complying since it's amazing to know that it's the last day of school for me, excitement starts taking over me, bubbling.

  But let me fast forwards to introductions..

My name is Adela Marie Hernandez, I adore, well love making Vines and YouTube videos of me so singing and only singing, maybe a little goofy ones here and there but singing is what I thrive to continue on in the app of social media.

Compliments go around about me having big light brown eyes, along with long silky brown hair that reaches above my butt, also I'm Latina and I speak perfect fluent Spanish.

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