Chapter 11

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Hello guys, I know it's been two weeks since I updated, and I'm sorry! My life has been a mess the following week, and I couldn't find any time to write. But here's the next chapter finally!

By the way, Lacy is still taking a little break from editing. She misses you guys though! Hopefully, she'll be back for the next update!


Spending a Saturday in a house you didn't really like while being hungover was not exactly the greatest thing you could do. If I didn't have such a killing headache, I would probably be out with my friends and do something better than lying on my twin sized bed all day long. Sure, it wasn't exactly boring to text with your girlfriend, but there were still better things you could do, like for example meet her in real life.

My speaker was on full blast, and to be honest, I was a little surprised Harry hadn't barged into my room yet and yelled at me to turn the volume down, like he'd done a week ago. Either he simply wasn't in his own room, or he just didn't want to see me or something.

Strangely, there was something about the loud music that calmed me. Most people would find it weird how the type of music I listened to could be calming, but I preferred rock music over anything, and I'd always been able to relax to it. Especially when it was on full blast. Maybe I got that from partying or something, who knows? Either way, I had always enjoyed it.

It wasn't until about three in the afternoon that day that I first decided to log onto Twitter and check my timetable. By now, my headache was finally starting to fade, so I could focus on other things than the pounding feeling in my temples. Surprisingly, a lot of tweets from the night before had been posted, which was actually a little unusual. Sure, pictures were always taken and posted on social medias, but this was not just a few, this was a lot.

I started going through them, clicking on each one I found interesting. However, when I came across one specific tweet, I had to do a double-take. In the picture were none other than my best friend and Harry's closest mate kissing. My eyes went wide at what I was witnessing. Since when did Zayn even like guys? I'd never seen him with one ever before. I mean, wasn't he dating Perrie just yesterday? This just didn't make sense at all.

Shaking my head in confusion, I continued scrolling through my news feed in search of some other shocking news. It took a few minutes, but soon enough, I found a tweet that made my body go rigid. It couldn't be... but I wasn't... I was with Eleanor all night, wasn't I? But how come...?

In the picture was a really drunk-looking me leaning against none other than Harry Styles' shoulder. My step brother's shoulder. The one living in the room next to mine's shoulder! Our backs were the only things that could be seen in the picture, but there was no doubt the two guys were us. And as if that wasn't bad enough, I even had my head buried in his neck. His motherfucking neck! My God, Anne wasn't kidding when she said I must've been really drunk last night. I just hoped I hadn't done worse things than this.

So, when a shocking realization hit me just a few seconds after I had logged off Twitter, I literally dropped my phone in my face. Since Harry was the one with me in the picture where we had been on our way out of Niall's front door, he must've been the one who took me home last night. There was actually no other explanation, because I was sure I wasn't able to find the way back here with my sense of locality. It sucked, and I assumed it didn't get any better with alcohol involved. Moreover, none of my friends knew I lived here, so there really wasn't any other explanation.

Without thinking twice, I got up from the bed with lightening speed, which turned out to be a bad idea because my sight went blurry for a few seconds due to the sudden movement. However, when I had composed myself, I sprinted out of my room and went straight into the bathroom, not even bothering to knock before opening Harry's bedroom door in hopes of finding the curly haired boy there. But of course luck wasn't on my side today.

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