9 - Screaming

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9 - Screaming

Rena's POV

When the doorbell rang, I jumped up but my father was quicker. He had to have waited by the entrance - maybe Kade had even asked him to intervene if necessary - tearing the door open with a wide smile.

"Hey, you guys are back. How did it go?"

"Great. The wind was a bit nippy but I cuddled him up in his little blanket, so he was in the best of spirits." Charlotte's chirpy voice made me sick to my stomach. She should have realized that it was way too cold for a stroll and Noah probably caught a cold.

My dad took my son from Charlotte and was holding him up, cooing at him. With his chin, he signalled me to return to my room.

I was not going to have it. "Charlotte, I need to talk to you."

Her smile was absolutely faked. "Sure." She tossed my father a quizzical look who in turn shuffled his feet uneasily, halfway hiding behind the baby. He can be such a coward sometimes.

I point at the kitchen. "In there."

She followed me after a slight hesitation and as soon as she passed the threshold, I slam the door shut behind her. A protesting wail from Noah who hated loud noises of any kind resonated from the living room which I ignored.

With my arms folded in front of my chest, I glared at her. "Who do you think you are coming to my house and taking my son away without my permission?!" My voice was shrill and the crying behind the door intensified.

She was puzzled. "Not sure what you mean but this was agreed to by the lawyers. If you have a problem, you need to take it up with Noel. For now, you should check on your son."

I huffed with my finger extended. "Bitch, don't tell me what to do! You're just trying to take Noah away from me!" With great effort, I battled my tears while Noah's screams almost drowned out my words.

She frowned. "Don't be ridiculous."

A slight nuance of irritation was clearly audible which made me triumph - I was getting to her.

"You're acting like a lunatic teenager."

My temporary bubble of elation burst as my jaw dropped by her audacity.

"Now, excuse me." She spun around, storming out of the kitchen and going straight for Noah.

My dad, who had been gently rocking him, turned him over without the least reluctance. He had always been desperate at calming his grandson down when he was crying and was probably glad to pass him on.

"Shh, shh." Charlotte mumbled. "Come here, honey bear. Gogi got you."

I snorted about that silly nickname - I mean, which normal grandmother called herself Gogi - but to my amazement, Noah settled in a heartbeat. Not even I could quiet him that easily when he was in one of his crying fits.

With burning jealousy, I watched as he pressed his tear stricken face against her shoulder, his small body shaking from a few hiccups. Snuggling into her arms, he seemed totally content.

Every fiber in my body flared with rage and when I approached them, I was out for blood. "Give me my son." My voice was trembling so hard that I almost didn't get the words out.

She glanced at me. "Rena, you really need to calm down."

My hands balled to fists. "I said, give me my son." There had never been a time in my life where I wanted to slap someone so badly and my whole body tensed under her scrutinizing eyes. My hands lunged forward and started to pull on Noah's arm to get him away from her.

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