Ace Anderson spends most her time hanging out at the beach with her two best friends, Jim and Charlie. But when Ace decides maybe it's time to take her relationship with one of the boys to the next level, friendships are in jeopardy. As their last year of high school starts, endless drama seems to derail her seemingly picture-perfect life. This isn't a story about romance, or friendship, or sports. It's a story about life and everything that comes with it. A story about the bonds between best friends, girlfriends, and boyfriends, and what it takes to break them and possibly mend them.

A/N Hello! I'm Addison and I'll be your host for the duration of your reading :) This my first story on Wattpad, but I'm so excited! This is a story I wrote most of years ago, but I've gone back through and edited it as I posted, even adding some chapters and scenes here and there, and then writing the last 15 or so chapters fresh. Things are mentioned as taking place in Laguna Beach, but really any southern California beach town will do so don't take anything personally if you're from there or something. Any specific places and people mentioned are pure figments of my imagination, so no reference to a seemingly real event or establishment is intentional. Please do not copy any part of the story, even a few sentences, or any characters, or really anything. This is copyrighted. I am new to Wattpad, though, so if anyone wants to make me any cover art, trailers, or has suggestions, please feel free to comment or message me! Hate comments will be deleted and bullying will not be tolerated. Please vote and share and follow!

The story will have some sexually charged scenes, but at there won't be any full-on smut (insinuation, maybe haha). While the official rating on this book is PG-13, I will post warnings at the beginning of any chapters I think people should take a 15+ recommendation more seriously. Despite these chapter specific notes, I do want to say that there are some themes in this book where that rating may be more important. There is also some occasional swearing in this book. Nothing I would call extreme, really just character building, but I wanted to mention it here. While more *romantic* scenes will have chapter-specific warnings, scenes with swearing will not because it's just too troublesome. They're teenagers; they swear occasionally.

This book is completed and (hopefully) free of errors, but I am in the process of doing a large-scale edit. Each chapter will have an edited date at the bottom that's in the winter range if it's a final edit.

Also, to be honest, if you don't like dialogue, you're not going to like this story.



(If you end up liking Ace of Hearts, there's a spin-off also on my Wattpad profile- The Guide to Lying!)

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