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It was almost midnight, almost time. I was waiting for the guards to fall asleep so I could sneak out of the village. I was waiting in team 7's old training grounds, surrounding myself with what good memories I had left here.

It was time, I got up and started heading for the gates. I was just about to leave when I was stopped. I almost forgot to mention, I do still have one friend here. Probably the most unlikely friend I could have made, let alone kept. It was Sai, and he is the one that stopped me. Not to prevent me from leaving though, merely to say good-bye. Sai only really understood the most basic emotions, but even he could see that Konoha had drained the life from my eyes. I knew he wouldn't report me and we exchanged good-byes. "See ya Sai, you know that you can't stop me right?" "I'm not here to stop you. ... Good-bye, Ugly." This made me smirk. I surprised Sai with a quick hug, but I think he surprised me more when he hugged me back. I released Sai and turned on my heel, running away from Konoha and into my new life.

I ran through the night and the next day. I knew that I had to put as much distance between me and Konoha as possible. I stopped and camped out in the forest on my second night.

When I finally stopped running, I set out to make camp. It was a beautiful night so I didn't have to do much. I just got out some of the food I packed and set up a barrier so that if anybody came close, I would be alerted immediately.

This went on for awhile, me running through the day and camping out in the forest at night with the barrier around me.

*Meanwhile in Konoha**3rd PoV*

Just like Sakura thought, Sai didn't report her. That night nobody except for Sai knew that she had left, but the next morning the search for Sakura began.

When Sakura didn't report to work at the hospital in the morning, Shizune went to look for her at her house. All Shizune found though was an empty house, and she became the one to report Sakura leaving the village.


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