Chapter 58 ~Jackass

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Chrissy POV:

I can be invisible! Oh my god this is so crazy! I mean I've always wanted to be invisible and now I can be with enough practice I can pull off pranks and stuff! I can sneak into concerts for free!! I can go backstage at concerts! I smiled.

"Why are you so smiley smiley?" My sister asked I frowned

"No reason." I answered.

"Is it a boy?" Sarah teased I rolled my eyes.

"A certain boy with a name that rhymes with fall?" Allie smirked

"I'm not having this conversation with you guys."

"Why not?"

"Have you two done it yet?"

"Allie! No! We aren't dating."

"Really? Are you sure?"

"Yes why?" I asked

"Because everyone thinks that you two are dating."

"Well we're not, okay!" I stood up and walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs to my room. I sighed. We aren't dating! I fell backwards on my bed and sighed closing my eyes. Not even two minutes after I heard my name being called. I groaned and stood up walking back downstairs. "Yes?" I asked

"Can you go to the grocery store and get some milk please?" Tori asked me I nodded and grabbed my keys. I drive to the store and walked inside. I froze looking at the only cashier, there was Damian. Fuck! I walked straight to the back and grabbed three juggs of milk and some chips. I walked back to the cash register and put them down.

"Hello how is your day?" He asked scanning everything before looking up. "Oh its you, having fun with your new boyfriend?" He smirked I frowned.

"He's not my boyfriend!" I exclaimed

"That's not what I heard, I heard you were having a threesome with Paul and Jared, man I'm glad I got off that train." He smirked I glared at him and payed.

"Jackass." I muttered and walked outside towards my truck. I got in and shut the door. I sighed. More rumors going around dad will so pleased! I started up my truck and drove home. When I walked inside everything was quiet. I frowned and walked in the kitchen where there was a note. I picked it up.

We've gone out to eat, you weren't here and the kids were very hungry there should be something in the fridge.

Of course they would leave me alone, I put the milk in the fridge and walked upstairs to my room with my bag of chips. I sat down at the computer and began searching through the internet, what am I supposed to do? I opened up the bag of chips and munched on them. Maybe I could go on a road trip or something. No I can't I have school and if I miss another day I will be so behind! I leaned back in my computer chair and sighed what am I supposed to do? Everyone either avoids me or pretends like I don't exist leaving me here alone! I should be used to this though! Like seriously I know I'm not Tori's kid but still she basically raised me and fed me, she lets me stay here in her house! Actually my dad makes her let me, otherwise I'd be living on the streets or something!

"Hello?" I asked picking up my phone

"Hey!" Of course it's Paul! Paul always calls! He always lays so much attention to me! Way too much sometimes! I used to really like it but now it just gets annoying. I mean don't get me wrong he is still so hot and will make me wet for him anytime he gives me a look, but it's not the same anymore because we never hang out just the two of us like we used to, Sam has us all working on patrol together or they can't go anywhere because its a safety precaution!

"What's up?" I asked

"Just wanted to see if you could come over to Emily's for dinner?" He asked I froze. Oh yeah. I could always pig out over at Emily's and not get scolded by her! Should I go though because Johnny Depp has been calling my name all day and if I leave then I won't get to go on my pirate date! Hmm food or Johnny? Johnny or food? Johnny your gonna have to wait a little longer, I'm very sorry but it's food!

"Yeah I'll be there!" I smiled I could hear cheering in the background followed by a loud shhhh. I rolled my eyes.

"Okay then you better hurry up though because this steak is gonna be gone within an hour." Steak? And they're just calling me and telling me this now! Those assholes! I hung up on him and ran downstairs and jnto my truck and drove towards Emily's house. I pulled up and put my truck in park and ran towards the door, I burst through the door and saw a plate of steaks on the table I felt my mouth water. Oh my! A night where I get an actual dinner and not a microwaveable one! I sat down and began eating. When I was done the guys looked at me awkwardly except for Sam. I frowned.

"What?" I asked

"They've never seen a girl scarf down that much food." Sam chuckled I shrugged

"Well what do you expect? I'm a growing girl who needs to eat! Especially if I'm gonna be fighting some vampires!" I smiled they frowned

"I know it's just really weird to see." Jared said. I laughed.

"I know it is!"

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