(Drake wakes up early in the mourning, sneaks in the bed, and puts Nicki on top of himself and goes back to sleep)

(Nicki wakes up)


(Suddenly Drake wakes up)

Drake-*sarcastically*How'd you get on top of me

Nicki-Idk, how you get in this bed

Drake-*lies*After you went to sleep, I came in the bed


Drake-*smirks*Why are you still on top of me


(Nicki slides of him and goes in bathroom)

(In bathroom)

(Nicki's thoughts)

I'm so fucking sick I want sex, no I need sex, i'm going Roman and shit, I don't give a shit about getting to know each other, me and Drake having sex tonight

(Nicki's thoughts ended)

(Nicki does daily routine and leaves bathroom)

Nicki-Drake i'm sorry about how i've been acting

Drake-*sarcastically*Oh I haven't even noticed

Nicki-Drake i'm being serious

(Drake's thoughts)

She must want the dick, but she ain't getting shit, I never got it when I wanted

(Drake's thoughts ended)


Nicki-So do you forgive me


Nicki-I got a surprise for you tonight

Drake-If it's sex, I don't want any

Nicki-*madly*The 3 days aren't up yet why would I o that

(Nicki's thoughts)

Ik damn well he wants sex, he just mad cause I ain't let him have it when he wanted it, but he doesn't know roman fully

(Nicki's thoughts)

Drake-*smirks*Why you say that in a mad way

Nicki-*sarcastically* Oh I didn't notice


Nicki-So what should we do today

Drake-*smirks*Learning about each other

Nicki-Ummm well I got to go talk to Shanell

Drake-*smirks*But you just asked what should we do today

(Nicki runs out room and goes to Shanell's and Gudda's room)

Shanell-Hey Nicki

(Shanell's thoughts)

Hope this is Nicki, not Roman

(Shanell's thoughts ended)


Shanell-Whats wrong

Nicki-I need sex and i've been going Roman alot

Shanell-Is it sexual fustration

Nicki-Yea, I need help

Shanell-Just tell Drake you need sex

Nicki-I tried that, but in a different way, and he said no sex

Shanell-What exactly happened

(Nicki tells Shanell what happened in the mourning)

Shanell-Just wait till he wants sex

Nicki-If I don't get sex tonight, I will kill everyone in this whole entire hotel, you know damn well I got a gun

Shanell-Well ummm, I can't help you try Wayne bye


(Nicki runs to Wayne's room)

Wayne-Hey Nicki

(Wayne's thoughts)

I hope this isn't Roman, I still want my dreads

(Wayne's thoughts ended)

Nicki-Hey I need your help

Wayne-With what


Wayne-Aren't you still dating Drake?

Nicki-Not sex with, sex with Drake

Wayne-Why you need my help

Nicki-Well Drake don't want to have sex

Wayne-Tf you do to him

Nicki-Well his been asking for sex, but I said we should get to know each other for about 3 days

Wayne-You know damn well that was a problem when you said it

Nicki-Ik but I regret it, I now need sex badly, will you help me

Wayne-Yes i'll help, when are you wanting to have sex with him


Wayne-Does he dream about you

Nicki-Yea, he told me one time he was dreaming about sex

Wayne-Then get him to take a nap, then maybe he'll dream about sex with you, and he'll want sex

Nicki-Anything else

Wayne-When you go to bed wear something tight, short, and see through

Nicki-Ok thanks Wayne

Wayne-Welcome bye


(Nicki runs to her and Drake's room)

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