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Jeremy's POV

I was sitting comfortably in my office doing paper work when there was a knock on the door.

"You may enter." I called. The door opened and my Beta, Greg came in.

"Alpha there was just another report of the rogue in the territory." He said.

"Did it get away again?" I asked in frustration.

"Yes, Alpha." He gulped. I growled ferociously.

"How hard is it to catch a single rogue!!" I yelled annoyed.

"W-we're not sure Alpha but it just always seems to disappear." Greg stuttered.

"Gather a team we're going after it, Now!" I ordered.

"Yes, Alpha right away" He bowed before leaving, closing the door behind him.

Not long after Greg returned with a team and we set out in wolf form to find the rogue. As we walked through the forest there was a rustling in a bush near us and a strong scent of rogue. We followed the scent and when we were close enough the sound of yipping was heard. We walked slowly into the open where the scent was strongest and we were greeted by a young pup trying to catch a butterfly. One of the warriors stepped forward but I stopped him before the pup could notice us. I let out a wolfy chuckle when it fell flat on its stomach and huffed as the butterfly flew away.

It seemed to hear me as it jumped up and whimpered in fear slowly backing away from us, shaking. My wolf, for some reason didn't like that it was afraid of us. I started to walk towards it but that only made it whimper more. It kept glancing between me and the warriors.

"Back off." I told them and they slowly retreated to a safe distance. I looked back at the pup as it stared at me intently. Slowly I crouched down and lay on my stomach, staring right back at it. Slowly it started to approach me as if realizing I wouldn't hurt it. I stayed completely still until it was right infront of me.

It looked into my eyes for a moment and then licked my nose. My face scrunched up and I licked it right back on its nose. It looked at me with a shocked expression before wagging its tail and yipping happily bouncing around. It got into a pouncing position and barked at me letting me know it want to play. I stayed still and it jumped on my back. I simply rolled over so I was on top of it and started to lick its face. I checked to see its gender and found out it was a girl. She clawed at my face and I got off of her, once again on my stomach. She yawned and lay down snuggling into my side and fell asleep. I chuckled and spoke.

"Sweet dreams little pup."

Melody's POV

I woke up feeling cold. Looking around I found myself in a super huge room on a big cloud like thingy. I sat up and wondered where's the big doggie I was playing with. I whimpered feeling alone when the door suddenly opened causing me to yelp in surprise. Standing infront of me was a huge man and he didn't look too friendly, he started walking towards me slowly. I got so scared I started howling. The man froze and looked at me in shock but I didn't stop, hoping the big doggie would come back, once again the door opened and another scary looking man came into the room.

"What is going on here?!" He yelled. I stopped howling and instead cowered in fear, the man looked at me with sadness and started approaching me. I pushed myself deeper into the cloud trying to hide. 

"You don't remember me?" he asked but I made no movement. "Take a whiff." He instructed opening his arms I cautiously put my head up to smell and sniffed the air. He smelled like the big doggie from before. I jumped up and barked in happiness and jumped on him . He caught me and held me close as I put my head into his neck.

"Remember me now?" He asked and I nodded my head. He walked over to the big cloud and sat down laying me beside him so I put my head on his lap and he stroked my fur causing me to purr in comfort.

 "What's your name?" He asked and I just looked at him, I couldn't speak right now."Oh yeah can you shift?" he asked instead and I shook my head.

"Why?" He asked in confusion but I just looked down. I didn't know how to look human again."You don't know how do you?" he asked and I shook my head. He sighed and look intently at the other man in the room and the man left closing the door behind him.

"I sent him to get you some clothes, now I'm going to teach you how to shift." He said getting up off the bed. "Think about human body parts:  Arms, legs, head, all of the above and relax." He said. I closed my eyes and did as he said and I slowly felt myself changing.

"Open your eyes." I heard. I opened my eyes and stared at the smiling man before me.

"You did it" he said.

I looked down. I'm human again! I thought. I smiled at him and tried to speak but I yawned instead and lied back down on the cloud and fell asleep once again.

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