Chapter 2

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I woke up the next morning, and checked the time. 9:45. Way too early.

I got out of bed, and started getting ready for the day.

I put on a simple outfit and did my hair and makeup. I put some socks on, and headed downstairs.

"Good morning." I yawned, as I walked into the kitchen. They all grumbled, and went back to their previous actions.

"Pancakes?" Uncle Harry asked. I nodded and took a seat by Uncle Louis and Dad.

Uncle Harry brought me my pancakes, and started eating breakfast himself.

"What are we doing today?" I asked. They all shrugged.

"I think we have an interview today. Then after that we can just hang and go out to eat." Dad said.

"Okay." I sighed. Interviews always take forever. And when I ask if I can stay here... Here I'll show you.

"Hey Dad?" I asked.

"Yeah?" He asked. Everybody turned their attention in me. They always do that. Even if I'm just talking to Dad or something.

"Can I just stay here while you're at the interview?" I asked. Here it comes...

"No." Dad and my Uncles say at the same time. All of them.

"Why not? I'm 14. I think I'm old enough to stay by myself." I said, looking down at my food.

"We've been over this a million times, Eve. Whether you're 14 or 17, we don't want you here by yourself." Dad said.

"But it's stupid!" I yelled. Dad gave me a stern look.

"I don't care what you think, Evelyn. You are not staying here by yourself." Dad said, taking his plate to the sink and going to the living room.

"I know that you think you're old enough to be home alone, but you just have to see it from our eyes." Uncle Louis said.

"What is there to see?" I asked. They all looked at each other.

"If something were to happen to you while we were at an interview, we would never forgive ourselves." Uncle Zayn said.

"Plus, we want you there." Uncle Niall said. I furrowed my eyebrows.

"Why would you want me there? I'm not part of 'One Direction'." I said.

"Doesn't matter. When you're there, we don't have to worry about you being here alone. We don't have to rush the interview to get home." Uncle Harry said.

"Okay." I sighed.

"Try to go a little lighter on your Dad, okay? He only wants what's best for you." Uncle Zayn said.

"Alright." I said, getting a little annoyed.

"Go put your shoes on." Uncle Louis said, cleaning up all of the plates.

I nodded and went to my room to grab my shoes. I ran back down the stairs, and went out to the car with everybody else.

"Everybody ready?" Dad asked, starting the car. We all said yes, and we were on our way to the dreaded interview.


"So, you do have a girlfriend?" The interviewer, Megan, asked.

"Yes.." Uncle Zayn said, for the fifth time.

"Oh my god." I mumbled. They made me sit in the back room while they got interviewed.

I was watching it on a telly that was in the room, and it was so boring.

Megan kept flirting with them, and it was annoying.

We've been here for two hours already, and I was ready to just go home.

I'm about to walk out if it doesn't end in a few minutes.

Suddenly, the door opened and everybody tumbled in. It's about time.

"Why did that take so long?" I asked, irritated that we had to stay so long.

"It is what it is, Eve." Uncle Louis said, looking annoyed.

"Geez. I was just asking you something." I said. He's not the only one that was annoyed.

"Evelyn, none of us are in the mood to argue with you. Drop the attitude." Dad said.

"What attitude? You guys are the people who put me in this mood!" I said.

"We understand that you didn't want to come, we didn't want to either. Just let it go, and get over it." Uncle Zayn said, walking out of the room.

I huffed, and crossed my arms over my chest, walking out of the room.


"Where are we eating?" I asked, as we drove in silence.

"Just a pizza place down the road." Dad said, from next to me. I nodded and went back to Twitter.

'Guess it's bad attitude day..'

I tweeted. Within a few seconds, a lot of people were tweeting me, asking what was wrong.

"You shouldn't just post things like that on Twitter." Dad said, looking up from his phone.

"Why?" I asked, furrowing my eyebrows.

"It'll make people think that we are all in a bad mood because of the interview." He said.

"Everybody already knows it's that. What's the difference?" I asked.

Man, everybody was getting in my nerves today.

"Just watch what you post, or I'll take your Twitter privileges away." He said.

"It's my Twitter. You can't do that." I argued. He gave me the look, and I did the same back.

"I'm the father. I'm in control. I can do what I want." He said, daring me with his eyes to argue.

"Whatever." I mumbled, looking out the window.


When we got to the pizza place, everyone was quiet. It was quite odd actually.

But then someone had to break the silence.

"When does school start?" Uncle Louis asked. I looked at Uncle Harry since he was my principal.

"In about two or so weeks."He said. I groaned.

"Can't I just be homeschooled?" I asked, looking at Dad.

"Nope. You need to go to school so you can make friends." He said, taking a drink of his drink.

"But no boys." Uncle Louis said.

"No boys."

"Absolutely no boys."

"I'll make sure he's not in any of your classes."


"Really?" I asked, looking at all of them. They all nodded.

"No boys." They all said at the same time... It was creepy.

No boys I guess...

As far as they know.


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