Daniel What The Hell?

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"Daniel!" I stormed into my house searching for my brother. I followed his voice which was upstairs. I found him in his room sitting at the edge of his king sized bed. He was on the phone. But once he noticed me he quickly told whoever it was that he would call them back.

"What is it Lana?" He mumbles looking up at me.

"Why did you invite your little secret society over to stay the night?" I angrily asked him.

Daniel chuckled and stood to his feet. "we are not a secret society Lana."

He walked over to his mirror and swiftly took off his black shirt. I rolled my eyes as he slipped on another black shirt but it had a collar.

They always wore black.

"Whatever." I folded my arms. "Why did you tell them they could stay when your not even gonna be here?"

"Elana it's not a big deal." He says occasionally glancing at me "I have a date and then I'll be back. They'll probably just be in my room just hanging out until I'm back." Daniel shrugged while putting on his shoes. "And why are you in here? You know not to ever step foot in my room."

I rolled my eyes.
"Why can't they wait for you to get back at there own house?" I whined. I really didn't understand why they had to be in our house at all. It was so obvious that Carter and Justin were up to something and Daniel just wasn't seeing it.

"I don't trust your friends Daniel they are...scary." I swallowed.

Fully dressed Daniel gave himself a once over in the mirror and then he walked over to me and sighed.
"I promise they won't bother you. Oh and it's good that your scared of them, that just means that you'll stay out of trouble with them."

Daniel pulled out his phone as he walked out the room. I followed right after him.

"When they come im not opening the door for them." I smirked while sitting on the stairs.

Daniel simply said. "Carter has my keys, don't start anything when they come Lana I mean it." Daniel sent me a glare and I swallowed nervously. I watched as Daniel headed for the door. We use to be so close, but now he has his Virginity brothers.

"I'm just gonna tell mom and dad." I whispered

Daniel turned and looked at me irritatedly.
"Do that and I'll make sure you'll have a real reason to be scared of my friends." He growled and slammed the door.


An hour later Melissa came to my house and I began telling her what happened with Daniel and I.
"And how is this bad a bad thing?" Melissa asked while twirling her hair. I gave her a confused look so she finished.

"You and I are gonna be home alone with the hottest boys In school, tell me how this Is bad?" She raised an eyebrow and I sighed. She didn't know that they were virginity theives and I obviously couldn't tell her about it.

"It's because Michael broke up with that girl for no reason! Isn't that mean?! You even said so!" I blurted out.

Melissa's confusion deepened as she asked
"What does that have to do with Carter and Justin?"

My eyes widened. "They all hang out with each other!" I pointed out. "Birds of a feather- flock together" I reminded her and she burst out laughing.

"Lana you watch to much tv" she giggled and snatched her phone off of the bed as it went off.
"Oh my god!" She squealed. "It's Justin! Look look look he texted me!" She shoved her phone in my face and I went slightly blind.

"He said 'hey gorgeous' what should I say!" She excitedly asked me. I rolled my eyes feeling very much annoyed with her. Now how the hell would I tell her that the guys are sneaky caniving sex stealer maniacs without actually saying that they are sneaky caniving virginity Stealer maniacs? It was like no way to explain that to a person.

A few hours passed and Melissa was still texting Justin. I had already finished my homework, studied and when I walked downstairs Melissa met me half way. "They are on there way here!" She yelled happily. "He said they are close,Him and Carter." She grinned and my eyes widened.

"Melissa um I have something to tell you." I figure to just tell her. She was my best friend and I wouldn't ever want her to go into a relationship or ever start liking someone without knowing the entire 411 on them, and the entire group of boys were bad news.

Now how do I say this?
"Justin, Carter, Daniel, Caleb and Michael, they are all bad boys." I started while watching her reaction. She smiled at her phone then looked up at me.

"What do you mean?"

"They are players, they are bad news Melissa. All of them." I stated.

The locks on the front door began making a noise and I realized I was out of time. They were here.
"They are here!" Melissa ran to the door and I ran to my downstairs bathroom hiding myself. I locked the door and held my ear to the door attempting to hear every sound and every single word they said to each other.

"Hiiiiiiiiiiii" I heard Melissa's loud squeaky voice and I knew they were now in the house. I heard deep sexy voices and a few chuckles come from the guys. Then one of them asked a question that made me press my ear even closer to the door.

"Where's Lana?" Carter asked.

"In the bathroom I think." Melissa rated me out and giggled even more or probably flirting with Justin. I heard footsteps leading down the hall to the bathroom and my heartbeat sped up.

Oh my god Carter was walking to the bathroom to get me. I turned off the light and crouched down to the floor while holding my breath.

"Lana?" Carter said my name really calm and sexy. I liked the way it rolled off his tongue so smooth and deep, he made me vibrate in warmth just from saying my name. He Suddenly knocked on the door making me flinch almost falling backwards. I caught myself and put one hand over my mouth hoping he didn't hear a peep. After a few seconds of him standing in font of the bathroom I heard his footsteps as he began walking away.

A loud groan erupted from his body as he announced. "I came here for You Lana, where are you?" He then chuckled and I guess he joined Melissa and Justin in the living room as I heard faint laughter and voices. I let myself breath since he walked away and I stood up and turned the lights back on. I looked at myself in the mirror as a realization dawned on me. The virginity stealers might be scary at school but they are at my house, meaning I have the upper hand here. They can't control me or scare me or anything because if they try I can easily call the cops and get them removed from my house. I smirked at myself feeling silly for even hiding from them in the first place.

"Okay" I sighed. Preparing to walk out. Time for this cat to go play with the dogs. I laughed at how corny that sounded and exited the bathroom. I felt super confident while walking down my hallway. They weren't gonna scare me pshht. This is my house.
The confidence that I had before I walked into the living room disappeared when I actually saw them or actually saw him.

Justin and Melissa were cuddled up on the couch, she was laying her head on his lap while he occasionally checked his phone, he looked pretty sexy doing so but Carter....God
Carter was sitting on the couch, his long legs open as his one hand rested on the croch area of his pants and his one hand occupied by his phone. He was wearing black pants and a black shirt, He was sitting there looking like a sex God with legs but once my presence was known, all eyes fell on me.

"Hey Lana." Justin's deep voice rumbled as he revealed all of this teeth to me from the couch. "Hey." I waved and Melissa smiled at me.

Bitch. All I could think about was her ratting me out earlier.

Carter quickly stood up and looked down at my small frame, as he walked closer to me smiling showing his dimples I began to grow nervous.

"Hey Lana" He puts one hand on my waist while He touches my chin lightly so that I'm looking up into his beautiful eyes.

"Why were you hiding from me?"

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