Chapter Four

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"I'm gonna go into town and see Wesley" I announce as I grab my cup and fill it up with the fresh coffee I've made. "Is his hot friend Ingrid still around?" Daley asks. "She is not interested in you, you should accept that." Daley rolls his eyes and gives me a grin. "That does not make sense." "It does, you can be awful." Now he rolls his eyes and focuses back on his computer. "That's right, you should be working" I scold him. "Yes, mother" he replies and salutes me without even looking before I'm out the door. I jog down the stairs with my coffee and join the now smaller crowd on the pavement, making my way downtown.

As soon as I reach the town square, I spot Wesley and some other people hanging out by one of the benches on the other side. I cross the square and fumble for my phone in my pocket, texting Daley that Ingrid is in fact not there, not that that would change anything. "Yo, it's my homegirl, Bev!" Wesley shouts as soon as he sees me and shoots up, jogging towards me. "Hey, Wes, what's up?" I reply and he hugs me. "Just chillin', how about you?" "Not much, just came from work, stopped at home and came straight here." "Yo, first day, how was that?" "It was great" I say and follow him to the others. "Bev, you know Price and T" I smile and give a short wave. "Hey, guys." "And this is Myca, Myca, this is Bev." "What's up?" I say and she smiles. I sit down next to Wesley and he looks at me expectantly. "It was great, my new class seems alright and I think the teachers are slowly getting used to me ... slowly but they are." He laughs. "There's no need to get used to to you, girl, I mean, who could not see you and like you straight away, I mean, come on!" I laugh. "Teachers, elderly teachers and very hot young teachers." "Screw 'em, I say screw 'em." I can't help but laugh again. "How's Daley?" "He's good, got a bit of a writer's block but nothing he won't be able to handle, I guess." Wesley nods. "Good, good. You missed the show earlier, missy." I grin. "I'm sorry, I was at work. But I'll see it on the weekend or are you doing another tonight?" "For you, we could do one right now. Guys?"

That's how I met Wes. Most of the time, him and his friends do music in the street and it's always something different. I once won twenty dollars in the lottery and their music had just made my day even better so I had decided to give them the twenty dollars and when I left, Wes followed me and thanked me over and over again and asked me if it was because I thought they needed it and lived in the street (which they don't) or if it was because I had truly liked the music so I had told him that I loved it and that it had made my day and ever since then, I had come down to see them whenever I could, sometimes went for coffee with Wes even though we must look like an odd combination of people. Very handsome black street musician with white oversized red-head sitting at Starbucks. Yeah, I know.

After they've played a little and gotten some money from people passing by, Wes puts his stuff down, grabs his bag and gets up, putting his arm around me. "I'll treat you to a pizza, Bev" he announces. "Anybody wanna come along?" T and Myca say they're gonna play some more and Price has to go home and watch his little sister so we're by ourselves, cross the street and walk around the block where Wes' favourite pizza place is. "You don't need to spend the money you guys just earned on..." "Sh!" Wes interrupts me and I laugh. "I'm the one with the proper job now, I can invite you." He shakes his head. "Hell, no." I sigh and give in. "If that's what you want." He holds the door open for me. "Nobody tell me chivalry is dead." "You're living proof it's not" I grin as we sit down by the window and I lean back in my chair. Wes waves at the waitress and smiles. "Imagine this was your job" he grins. I roll my eyes. "I used to do that so you get off your high horse." "Excuse me, girl, I went to college." I nod. "I know and what are you doing?" He paints an imaginary rainbow into the air above him. "Chasing the dream" he says with a singing voice. I shake my head in disbelief but I can't help but keep smiling.

"So, tell me about this asshole teacher who thinks he's better than you? When can I kick his skinny ass?" Wes asks once the pizza comes. I bite my lip, looking at him. "I'd rather have it if you don't do that. I'm gonna have it hard enough with him around. I suspect he's talking shit behind my back already and I think I know just the woman he's talking to" I reply, referring to my new friend the bitter hater who thought we're on first-name-basis for some reason. "If only he knew" Wes sighs, taking a bite of the pizza. "If he only he knew what?" Wes grins. "Anything. If only he knew something, I hate those kinds of bullies, you know? Bullies are DA WORST." Sometimes he likes to exaggerate his accent or make me laugh and it always works. I nod. "You're right. But what can I do? It's not like we're in fourth grade and he's the kid I fancy, right?" "Please tell me you never liked the douchey guy who was a dick to everybody." I laugh. "No, luckily not. But I can rise above this, he just gives me a judgemental look every now and then, I can handle that." "Well, tell me when the time to kick his ass has come." "You'll be the first to know, Wes."

I come back home and feel a very strong déjà vu from earlier in the day. I drop my bag on the couch and turn off the music which causes Daley to look up at me in shock. "You just scared the shit out of me, Bev." "I do hope not, I was gonna use the bathroom and shower right now." He rolls his eyes. "You're so funny. Have you had dinner?" "Yeah but if you're ordering chinese I'm not saying no to some egg rolls." "Done" he replies and gets up, dialing the number of the chinese restaurant of his trust of which he knows the number by heart.

When I return from the bathroom, dressed in my pajamas, Daley has changed too and spread out the chinese food on the table. I sit opposite him on one of the stools and claim my egg rolls and the Dr. Pepper bottle I know he brought because he knows and loves me. Okay, it may not be so hard to live with him. But it's not hard to live with me either which is why I brought him his favourite pizza home to eat tomorrow because me being good room mate knows he prefers cold pizza.

"Your fortune cookie" he says and swipes it over the table to my side. "Thanks." He opens his bottle of Coke Zero and holds it up so I throw the plastic of the Dr. Pepper against it and smile back when he smiles. "To you and your new job."

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