Author's Notes

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Thank you for taking time to read my work. I am an amateur writer, there are visible typographical and grammatical errors. But, I am making sure to read and re-read my own works to correct such mistakes.

I had planned a long time ago that 'Kings of the Midnight Congregation' will be of a 4 Arc series, but have not yet decided as to how many volumes/chapters there will be for each arcs, although those words sounds a bit vague, I have already plotted most of the stories for each arcs, the problem lies with the words I use and of course the characters are quite many, I don't want any of them left behind, since the title greatly suggest 'kings' meaning their are many, in the context, there are 8. plus their are retainers that pretty much play important roles.

Although I mention here that there are only 4 Arcs there are actually 10 arcs in total but some of these arcs will be incorporated as back stories or flashbacks so I will not be including them in the count. For example the IUDICIUM Rebellion Arc will be read from time to time in a flashback of certain characters involve in the rebellion and sometimes in the prologue or epilogue of volumes. Or, the Great War Arc dates prior to the IUDICIUM Rebellion and will be flashbacks for the war before the Congregation was establish.

Here let me apologize. Because of the limited usage time of my laptop, I am unable to update weekly sometimes it takes months. Also, there is the fact that my writing and brain storming really takes time. I greatly apologize for this great inconvenience

I am not too sure about the parental rating for this book, but it might change from general to a more restricted rating soon. Although there is really no actual depiction of any sexual or adult situations, there are some characters whose life changing experience might be too much to understand for younger readers.

And I am also not too sure if this kind of genre will appeal to readers, but if you happen to have read it, please give out comments or critics that best suit it.

Also note for the older readers who have already read the story, I have taken the advice from Mr. 'DCMWrites' to change some of the parts of the book:

For one, the References and the Terminologies have opted to have it transferred at the end of the book; and

Secondly, will be adding the said terminologies at the end of every chapters as they first appear for easier access.

Thank you again, and more power to all of you readers.

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