Drawings of Percy

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Simulator: Drawings of Percy.

Percy: Certain ones make me look sunburned.

Annabeth: They never get the eyes right!

Jason: Um, why would anybody draw pictures of Percy when perfection is right here.

Annabeth: Nobody draws you, Jason.

Leo: I googled it. People luv me.

Piper: They get my nose wrong every time.

Jason: What?! No! Look at this picture somebody drew of me *shoves phone in Simulators face* THEY GOT MY DIMPLES WRONG!!

Annabeth: Guys, these are drawings of Per-

Hazel: *Sigh* They always get my eyebrows wrong...

Simulator: This is about Percy's drawings.

Jason: Oh. Well the drawings are great. Perfect. But Percy always gets everything wrong. The face the hair.

Percy: Jason, you're such a- oh forget it. You should see you.

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