Olivia Winchester

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Ok so I decided to spilt chapter one in half because is was waayyy to long. Enjoy!!


When I said it was going to be a long day I wasn't joking. Apparently my mother did a good job of making me look "presentable" because as soon as the carnival was open to the public, people came lining up in front of the booth, all ages.

I was also right when I said there would be old geezers and saliva geeks. But there were also tons of kids that went to my school that lined up to get a kiss from me. Surprisingly, no one recognized me, or just really didn't care, they were still just as eager when they made it to the booth and if I'm not mistaken I could have sworn some people got in line twice.

All the while, Neal stood beside me, grunting trying to hold in his laughter. I had to refrain from punching him knowing I would be in for a talking to if my mother found out I was being unlady like. Neal really just stood there laughing at my misfortune. He really only had to pull this guy off me once, but that was only because the guy had one too many beers.

Other than that the whole ordeal went smoothly, well, minus having to kiss a bunch of strangers.

As the sky grew darker the line began to dwindle, lucky for me. There were only about 4 or so people left. 

"What are they doing?" I heard Neal murmur, just as the next customer stepped up. The customer was just a little tike. His hair was gelled back nicely, and he wore a nice green button down and brown pants. I held up a finger to him to signal that I needed a moment.

I turned to Neal. "What are who doing?" I asked curiously. Neal simply pointed to a group of girls standing off to the side of the small line. They were causing a bit of commotion, talking and joking around very loudly. It appeared as though they were waiting for someone.

I shrugged, not thinking anything of it. "So, they're probably waiting for their boyfriends or something. Keeping an eye out so I don't get out of hand, most likely."

"They better be." Neal said, crossing his arms in defense. I knew he was thinking they might be here to pull some prank on the poor sap that got stuck with the job of the kissing booth. I was used to the ridicule to the point where it didn't even bother me much any more.

"It's fine." I said before focusing my attention back on the little boy in front of me. He was too short to even reach my face, let alone look over the booth. I stepped around the booth and bent down in front of the boy.

"Hi." I say, simply not knowing what I should say. I wasn't good with children either.

"Hi, you look very pretty lady." The little boy stated.

"Thanks, you want that kiss now? "He puckered his lips in response. I reached up to hold the left side of his face and kissed him on the cheek.

"Hey! That's not what I paid for!" He said with a pout.

"Sorry kid got to keep it PG." I said cracking a small smile.

"This stinks!" The boy said before stomping off. I guess he really thought he was going to get a kiss on the lips.

"Man, I bet that wasn't the only heart you broke today." A soft voice spoke beside me. Still bent down, I stared upward. My eyes travel up pink sandals, smooth, creamy legs, a pink floral sundress to meet warm honey brown eyes.

I quickly stood to stand eye level with the girl that had spoken. I gasped a little realizing she was closer than I had anticipated. The girl had long chocolate tresses that framed her pale, but creamy face perfectly. As I looked into her eyes a could see brilliant flecks of green. A dazzling smile was etched on her face. She was just breathtaking.

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