A and D (23)

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I shifted uncomfortably on my seat.

Why do people keep staring???

It was not like I did a funny dance in the middle of the court. Nor did I go naked tonight. Although, I was feeling naked right now because of the way they were staring at me. I mean, didn’t they know that staring was rude?

Yeah, I had experienced people staring at me in school because of Aaron. And it was mostly glares. But the way they were looking at me now was definitely not a glare. It was more like awe and curiosity.

I groaned.

I told Mom not to overdo the make-up, now I felt like a clown. And my hair! Gosh, my hair! She ironed it to curls. Okay, they weren't that bad. I actually found it quite cute. But that was not the point! I attracted too much attention. I hated attention.

Not to mention, I was wearing contacts. My Mom practically forced me – Don’t ask how – to take off my glasses and put on the contacts. It felt weird on my eyes! I couldn’t explain the feeling other than it was weird.

Oh, and don’t get me started at my clothes. Gosh, my Mom really had fun dressing me up. And she wasn’t freaking contented. She had to drag Mrs. Ford along, making me feel like a Barbie doll. One thing was for sure, they enjoyed themselves.

When Mom found out that I got asked on a date, she went ecstatic. That, my friend, was the understatement of the century. She made me go shopping with her. She also asked Mrs. Ford to come with us. She was just as excited as my Mom. They also bought me clothes and shoes that were good for a year.

I honestly didn’t know where to put them in my closet, seeing as I wouldn’t actually use them that much. I mean, hello! It was all for freaking girly girls. And some of them itched. It was a good thing that Mom didn’t force me to wear stilettos tonight. I got to choose simple converse sneakers.

Thankfully, Dwayne didn’t spread out the fact that we were going on a date. I was embarrassed enough at how my Mom and Mrs. Ford were acting. Surprisingly, my Dad was okay with it. He actually looked happy. Maybe deep down inside, I was hoping for him to disagree. But that hope died when he said the word “wonderful.”

They already met Dwayne. After all, he kept driving me back and forth from home to school. And they though that he was pretty nice. Jason was skeptical about him, though. It made me wonder if he talked to Aaron about Dwayne.

When Jason met Dwayne one morning on his way back to Massachusetts for College, he shook Dwayne’s hand, smiled politely, and left. He teased Dwayne a bit, but nothing compared to the way he teased Aaron.

Yes, I had to stop comparing things that connected Aaron and Dwayne.

Anyway, I was really getting self-conscious at the way people were staring at me. Come on, when I left home an hour ago, I took one last look in the mirror. And I clearly remembered not looking horrible.

If truth be told, I looked awesome. Alright, I might not look like my usual self – being nerdy and everything. But I liked the way I looked tonight. Besides, it was my first date. I had to look presentable somehow.

Out of the blue, I saw a little kid bounced on his seat not far from me. Awe, he looked so cute and cuddly. I heard him say something about the opposing team’s Mascot which made me laugh at his innocence.

I looked around, still smiling. Dwayne and Alyson went to the Stallion Press’ Headquarters to get something. I wanted to come along with them but Alyson insisted on me staying. I swore I heard her mumble something about Aaron seeing me look like this.

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