Just a Treasure (The Tale of a Knight, a Ninja, and a Pirate): Chapter 9

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We had let the Kraken go, and now we were sailing away from the small island that was the scene of the fight. The Cutter was pretty banged up though, and we decided that we had to repair her.

"Aww, look at this...This wood was all the way from Syracuse," I said, mourning the loss of a good third of the railings that surrounded the poop deck.

"Come on now, John! Be a man! Those railings can always be repaired!" cried Alyss, but I whirled on her, giving a low growl that could have even have rivaled Gaueko's.

"Besides, the area of water that we're sailing in now is near Atlas. After a few more miles we should be there, and just imagine the Persian Gold there!" said Seth, examining The Chart's map and patting my shoulder. I didn't know that the knight could read maps.

But he was right, when I stood up and looked at the map. I gave a shrug and a sigh before looking out to the open water. On our port side was a medium-sized heavily forested island, and it seemed to have other trees beside palm. I motioned it out to Swift Crow, and he nodded, turning the ship towards the island. I walked down the unstable stairs (Kip and his men just had to blow them up also!) from the poop deck and called the crew in.

"Okay, the damage isn't all that bad, but we'll have to take larger measures to repair it than normal. We'll need about a quart of cutwood from the thicker trees, and from there we can work on repairs as we're becahed here. We're near Atlas, so we can afford to stay here a bit," I said.

"No enemy ships are going to try and hunt us down here, what with the legends of the Lonely Bones," said Jet.

"Well then, hopefully the Bones are on vacation this time of year. Now get to work!" I said to the crew.

We all started down onto the beach with axes and pails to carry sap and wood in. Most of the trees on the beach were palm, so we moved a bit further inland where we found some more substantial trees and began to work with those, cutting as little trees as we could to minimize the damage to the environment. See, ol' John and his mates care! I took off my heavy shirt due to the heat of the sun and began to chop at a tree. All of a sudden, the sky darkened into a nasty shade of red and black. It did so within seconds, and the unnatural color spread across the sky like a plague. This was no ordinary storm...

"What in blazes..." Hector muttered.

"Back to the ship! Something's really wrong here!" I screamed, and everybody began to rush back to the Cutter.

Suddenly, a huge wave reared up behind the ship and slammed into her. I gave a scream, as did Jet, Hector, and Alyss, but the wave had hit, the ship seemed to be fine. The water behind the ship began to froth and churn though, and it exploded into the air, flinging billions of sea creatures into the air: fish, crabs, coral, and other creatures of the deep.

The poor animals hit the beach, and the colorful fish began to flop about with no air, and the crabs scuttled about nervously. Looking back to the ship, something was emerging from the waves...A huge blue-skinned old woman's head emerged from the water, and her long-hanging hair was made of seaweed. Her body was covered in scales, and her huge arms ended in webbed hands. But worst of all, she had no legs; only a long fish's tail. She was more repulsive than scary, but even so, I did get the urge to run.

"Well then, looks like the mermaids aren't so sexy after all. WHO ARE YOU?!" Hector screamed, evidently horrified.

"I am the SEA WITCH!" she yelled, and I shook my head.

"What do want? There was no call for you to fling these poor guys onto the beach either!" I yelled, picking up a dead snapper and waving it around over my head.

"Well, I was hungry!" Jet said, chomping nonchalantly on a crab that he had split open. Alyss slapped him over the head though, and he dropped the poor thing.

"I want a prophecy, that's what I want. I live to tell the futures of mortals! And anybody who gets stranded on this island gets a prophecy! How's that sounds?" asked the Witch. I shrugged.

"How bad could it be. What else could she do to us?" I asked the crew.

"Oh, well I eat those who don't agree to hear a prophecy," said the Witch, raising a webbed finger.

"TELL US!" the whole crew shouted simultaneously. We had had enough close calls with the Carib, who probably would have eaten us if they had won the fight, and I doubted anyone in the crew wanted to be eaten.

The Sea Witch gave a jagged-toothed smile, then her eyes began to glow blue. She raised her hands into the air, and when she opened her mouth to speak, it sounded like she was speaking in many voices, that were all saying the same thing at once.

"Three...three, there must be three

The first, born of the oceans, young and hearty

He will call himself Lord of the Seas, the gun will be his friend

He trusts too much, sticking by his friends until the very end

The second, forced by the sword and forged by the battle

Heads he has knocked and shields he has shattered

Firm grip he lacks, and the blade shall leave

The third, out of shadows she cleaves

Confused and water-bound, she cannot choose

But hand she will steady, for if she does not...the three will lose!"

After that was done, she closed her eyes and sank back down beneath the waves. A gentler wave swept over the beach, carrying the sea animals back out to the ocean where they belonged. And beluiev it or not, as the water touched the dead ones, they were brought back to life and began to move around again as they were carried back out to the sea.

"Well that was...odd," muttered Yuki.



Finally, we had made it to our ultimate goal: Atlas. The huge island loomed out of a cloudy, dark sky in front of us as we dropped anchor on the beach and headed inland in search of the treasure.

"Now, the Chart's map doesn't give us the exact location of the treasure, so we'll have to look for it ourselves. But I think that it should be in the jungle. Now let's move!" John said, and we all cheered, moving into the jungle to achieve our goal at last. 



Our ship, the Blade, dropped anchor on the beach a slight way across from the one that was also beahced on our island. We were hidden behind a ridge, so they couldn't see us. We had seen it and beached nearby. Somebody was on our island, and we were going to find out who in the world it was.

"Somebody's trying to steal our treasure..." I murmured to my skeleton parrot, Kendir, who sat on my shoulder. Kendir gave a low caw, flapping his bone wings.

"Captain Arrow, what should we do?" asked my first mate, Carrion Jack, from under the sanctuary of his black hood.

"We should go inland. Ready the crew...tell them that the Lonely Bones are back on a mission," I said with a wicked grin.  

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