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The Easter Egg

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A Mystery

It was a warm beautiful Spring Easter morning. The sun was shinning, everyone was having fun, and playing Easter Egg hunts with their families. While, Spencer, Christopher, Mikki, and Corryna were in their Easter Baskets looking for candy. Spencer got a chocolate bunny, Christopher got a Ghirardelli Chocolate Bar, Mikki got a pack of peeps, and Corryna got an Easter Egg. Everyone was fascinated and amazed. The egg was already painted, painted blue, pink, red, and green. All of Corryna’s most favorite colors. They were starring at it mysteriously and couldn’t figure out what it was. So, they took it up to DR. Humorous to take a look at it. DR. Humorous cracked one of his lame jokes and said “I’ve never seen a more interesting thing in my life except for when my daughter Christine Humorous dies one of her pretty little Easter eggs.” Then he asked if he could come along to figure out what the mysterious egg was. We all didn’t want him to come but we felt too bad because he did try to help us so we said yes. Then, we went to Kobe’s house and asked him, witch was a really a bad idea he told us it was a game controller he must have been playing all night! I think he was brain washed. “Well that was a waste of time.” Said Corryna. We took it back home and put it in a pot. Spencer is the smart one so we asked him if he knew what it was and he said no. “If Spencer can’t figure it out we are doomed!” Then, Spencer said “Maybe the Easter Bunny gave it to you to take care of, take responsibility.” Responsibility? Yes. So, we figured it was a chicken or dinosaur baby, except dinosaurs don’t exist anymore there extinct. We brainstormed all day trying to figure out what it was. There was just no use. If one person said something two others didn’t believe. It was already 6PM and that’s when we eat dinner. We had steak, mash potatoes and gravy, rolls, pudding and candy. Christopher never talks and he heard a crack. Then, Mikki herd it too. We turned around and saw a little black nose pop out of the Easter egg. Christopher yelled “It’s a dog!” Everyone gasped and was paying attention to Christopher and not the egg anymore because it was his first time saying something. Then we turned back around and it popped all the way out. It was a baby bunny. Not a pretty painted Easter egg, Controller, Chicken, Dinosaur, Dog, or a never seen before animal. “Since the egg was Corryna’s we should let her name it” Demanded Spencer. Corryna had no idea she said it should be a group effort.


Now, the Egg has hatched it’s a girl bunny. We named it Red because that was the most color on her egg and her fur is like an orange and purple color. She likes to play basketball with Spencer. One day we headed up to the pie and cake bakery right next to our house. Mikki and I got good old Pumpkin Pie, Corryna, Spencer, and Christopher got Cherry, and Red got Carrot Cake, even though its not pie. Red’s birthday is coming up and we want to get her something very special. Like clothes or giant carrots or woo even a homemade carrot cake. “But it’s tomorrow; we’ll never get the stuff for her party in 10 hours! And plus its desert time.” Mikki exclaimed. So, we eat our ice cream Sundays and drove to Costco. For decorations we got paper plates, knifes, forks, napkins, carrots, balloons, ice cream, cake, flowers, and many more etc. For presents we got hair supplies, a necklace, tiara, nail polish, and bracelets, and a giant carrot. It was about 3 years later that we all decided to let Red into the wild. We didn’t want to, but it’s what we had decided to do. She could have fun with all the other bunnies. Red didn’t want to go, but we told that if she didn’t she wouldn’t get anymore carrots. So, we gave her a big bag of carrots, carrot cake, he birthday things, and a picture to remember us. “Bye Red.” Shouted Spencer. We’ll miss you! Then off she went. Today was the most cruelest and heart-braking day of all. We moved on and waited for the next hippity-hoppity Easter to come and see what we got next.

The End

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