"What!!?? In your room!!??" Yein exclaim. Then suddenly Jungkook cover her mouth.

"Sssshh." he whisper at her. "They might hear you." then he drag Yein to his room.

Yein look around the room. All she can say is it is totally neat. Things were put in place.

"I never thought that your room will be clean as this." she mumbles.

Jungkook lay in bed. "Let's sleep. Our flight tomorrow is 9am. I don't want to be late." as he close his eyes.

"Where I will be sleeping?" Yein ask. She saw only one bed. "I don't want to sleep at the floor."
And then, Jungkook took her wrist. "Sleep beside me." he mumbles as he close his eyes.

Yein got no choice but to sleep beside him. She stare at his peaceful face. 'He's really handsome.'

"Staring is rude." Jungkook said in a husky voice, as he open his right eye.

Yein shook her head off. She was caught staring at his face. Her eyes grew in wide when suddenly Jungkook cup her face and kiss her in the forehead. "You sleep here in my room. I will be sleeping at the sala." and then Jungkook stood up. "Good night."


"Where are they?" Taehyung ask them.

"I dunno." Jimin shrug his shoulders, same as the others.

"I think they are in his room." Suga said as he point at Jungkook slightly open room.

THen the six of them hurriedly went to peak at his room.

"OMO! Are they going to do that *toot* thingy?" V innocently ask. Then Namjoon hit his head. V gave the leader a death glare.

"Aish. Enough with that childish fight." as Hoseok grab V away from Namjoon.

"Gaad! They're going to kiss." its Seokjin.

They saw that Jungkook is cupping Yein's face.

"He's coming in our way." Suga said.

And then the six of them hurriedly went to their respective room.


They walk silently in a private room. Today is the day that they are going to marry. Only the two of them went to United Kingdom.


"I hate you, Yein."  Lovelyz said in unison. They all went to BTS Dorm. To bring her some clothes.

Yein just chuckles. "I really want you to be there. But my wedding is private. I'm still underage. That's why we have it in U.K." she explain.

"YOu don't have to worry, Myung-Eun-ah!" as Jimin put his arm around Jin's shoulder. "We will follow them." Seokjin hit his head and give him a death glare.


Yein sigh as she sign at the paper. This is for the sake of her property.

"You may now kiss the bride." the wedding celebrant said.

"You don't have to kiss me." Yein said.

Jungkook just give her a smile, as he put his arm around her shoulders. "Let's go. We have to go back at Korea tomorrow."


"Am I going to used my surname?" Yein ask Jungkook.

"Nope. We will combine our surname." he said as he took some paper and a ballpen from a bag.

Jungkook start scribbling, he wrote 정 (Jung) and then 전 (Jeon). Both of them stared at the paper. Then Jungkook scrib something. 정 (Jeong).

"Its just the same spelling with my surname. Nothing change." then he hit her forehead.

"So that no one notice it. You will use this 정 예인 in your profile. Okey?"

She just nod. "And we will set a rules." Jungkook said as he continue scribbling.

"Number 1. You will sleep at my pad or dorm. Always going home." he said as he scrib.

"HA? Home? But we don't -"

"Our home is my pad." he cut her off.

"But we're preparing for our debut. Do you think I can still walk if I'm very tired?"

"I will fetch you, anyway." as he take glance at her. "Number 2. Don't talk to other guys."

"Don't talk to other guys?!!" she exclaim. "How about talking to a sunbae? To our manager-nim? I will be rude if I won't talk to them."

"Yea. Yea. You're allowed to talk. But don't flirt." Yein roll her eyes.

"Number 3." he was about to write something when Yein grab the pen from his hand.

"I should have my own rules, too. Mr. Jeon Jungkook." then she write something on the paper. "Number 3."

We should act as if we don't know each other.

"That's ridiculous!!" Jungkook commented.

"Number 4. No one should know that we are married. Well, aside from BTS and Lovelyz and also to our CEO's and managers."

"Why? Should -"

Yein hit his forehead. "I don't want to ruin your career. And also mine." she cut him off.

"Fine!" then he roll his eyes.


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