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Pen Your Pride


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"Hey Claire?!" my mom called from downstairs. "What?" I said as I came downstairs. "Hey you remember your great grandfather owns one of the best boarding school's in the state"?

"Yes, why are you asking?" I said.

"Well Claire umm... it's an All Boys Boarding School..."

"Okay mom, so...? Why are you telling me this?"

"Claire your uncle made us an offer and your going there tonight so pack up your things your flight will be leaving at 2-"

"WHAT?!!!" I yelled she must be crazy I can't just go to school with all boys is she going nuts. Well here is the thing my name is Claire Melanie Rose and I just recently turned 17 years old I have black hair that goes to the half of my back I am 5'6 which I consider tall for a girl I have curves and according to everyone at school I'm HOT but I am a little bit shy so I ignore them but not because I'm shy because like I said it's a tiny bit its because they're jerks .My moms name is Marry Rose. I don't know much about my father no one knows what happened to him. We don't have much family here and now all of a sudden this great grandfather which is a millionaire and owns one of the most important schools and he suddenly chooses to shows up in our lives. But what I don't get is why he would want me in an all boy's boarding school. Is he CRAZY or WHAT?

"Claire it's a good school and I think it's great-"

"NO! Moms are u crazy? No don't even answer that how can you just send me to some random please with complete strangers and don't tell me my 'grandfather' isn't because neither of us know him and we haven't even seen a picture of him."

"CLAIRE! You are going and that is final pack your bags this will be good for you! And now you can meet your grandfather"


"NO BUTS, NOW!" She screamed.

And I went upstairs running I knew she was mad she never got like this I only saw her once before like that and it wasn't pretty let me tell you. I was really mad at her and I am planning to give her the silent treatment. This is just great 'sarcasm' I mean seriously I have a life here and friends she must be out of her mind I mean I love her but seriously people 'COME ON..' well I better get packing no point to keep complaining.

I grabbed to big suitcases in one I packed all my cloth my shoes and my purse and the other stuff in my closet since the suitcase what huge like I said before. On the second suitcase I paced all my hair stuff including my hair ironer and curler and my blow-dryer also my make up and pretty much all my belongings apart from that I got to backpacks one new with everything I need for school like paper, stuff to write with and folders and well you know the basics I put that inside my suitcase which had a little bit room left. The second book bag was smaller and it was like a purse style book bag there I put a sketchbook to draw, my ipod, cell phone with the charger and a small scrapbook of me and my friends with some pictures of mom and everyone I know and also my laptop in its case. I took my suitcase and bag down stairs and put it by the door. I ran back upstairs before my mom could talk to me like I said the 'silent treatment'. I took a hot shower and put on the only cloth I left outside to change after I showered it was a miniskirt with a tight long sleeve shirt that was hot pink and I put my favorite necklace on that I never left anywhere without I put on some white sandals roman style and let my black hair down which I straightened the day before. I had to admit I looked hot but don't get me wrong I'm not conceded so big surprise I said this about myself. I called my friends and told them everything they came twenty minutes later and we said by to each other by best guy friend Parker hugged me tight and said he would miss me so much so did my other friends I would miss them all but especially parker I could always trust him and count on him for everything he would tease me and always greeted me by 'hey sexy' to tease the other guys but sometimes I thought he was serious.

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