The Beginning

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Lucy's pov:

"Beep! Beep!" I reached over my bed and turned my alarm clock off. The sun shone on my face to reveal morning.

Well I guess its another morning to go to the guild, i thought as i jumped out of bed wearing only my pj's. I walked over to my bathroom and turned on the water to my bathtub, as i waited for the water to run i made myself some nice tea. My feet touched the warm soothing water and i instantly felt so much more relaxed.

"huuh", i sighed "This is so relaxing, i wish i could stay here everyday."

" i know right this is so relaxing, oh by the way next time you should get jasmine tea. It's much better"

"I'll take that in mind thaaaannksss-" I cut off my the naked figured in the tub in front of me.


Erza sipped her tea camly until she started to speak. "Calm down Lucy we're both girls, plus it isn't like we've never showered together before."

"BUT YOU CANT COME IN MY HOUSE AND......YOU...I WAS....nevermind" i was too angry for words and i guess Erza was right. Erza smiled and continued to sip her tea once in a while. I stared at her and realized that a hint of red started creeping up my face. No Lucy get yourself together. That's Erza you're looking at she's a girl. You're not a lesbian.....right?

"Are you ok? You look really red." Erza said

She put a hand on my forehead with warm, wet, soft hands causing me to blush even harder.

"Omg your face is getting redder and your head is really hot"

Erza's pov:

I walked over to Lucy's house holding a shirt in my right hand. How clumsy, Lucy left her shirt in my room at one of our sleepovers. Good thing she gave me a spare key to her house when she may or may not have been drunk. I walked over to her house and opened the door.

"Hello? Lucy are you home?"

Well i heard no response from the blonde, but the sound of water running and the smell of fresh tea told me that she was indeed home. My feet walked over to the fresh brewed tea it's not jasmine tea, but i guess i could make an exception. I walked into the bathroom right past Lucy without saying a word.

"Huuh, this is so relaxing, i wish i could stay here all day." i heard her say.

I guessed that she was talking to me so I responded.

"I know right this is so relaxing, oh by the way next time you should get jasmine tea it's much better,"I said.

"I'll take that in mind thaaaannksss-"

She looked surprised I thought she would've noticed me there. I mean like I walked right past her.

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