Chapter 1: The Big Four

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Author's Note:

So I'm editing this book, sorry if it took me a while but yeah... anyways. I know some people who are reading this story maybe kids so I won't put those deep words for them... and I won't put anything to intimate. Remember guys, I made this book almost 3 years ago and my vocabulary then was horrible, but now? I think my vocabulary is more awesome now xD

So enjoy ,)


"EUGENE?!" I gasped as I saw my own husband who I loved just a few months ago now in bed half naked and a bunch of other women dancing around in our room. Everybody's eyes landed on me as soon as I opened the door and Eugene had a smile on his face with a hint of annoyance, my head twitched at his childish behavior

"Oh, hey Rapunzel. What's up?" he asked me and I heard a faint whisper from him. He whispered on one of the girls while I was in front of him

"This will just be a little scene" then all of those... those... girls went out of the room to leave me and Eugene alone in this intense air


"So..?" he asked oh so casually making me snap


"So what are you doing here? I thought you were doing some kind of kingdom business?" A tear slipped down my cheek uncontrollably. But his facial features didn't change

"Eugene what happened to you?" I asked my voice getting a bit raspy. He checked his self on the mirror and gave me a puzzled look "What do you mean what happened to me? I'm perfectly hot" he complimented his self

"I mean to us Eugene" I said it seriously this time

"Nothing, our honeymoon didn't go pretty well and the fact that you're always busy and stressed which is the reason we don't have a baby... nothing" he shrugged not even re thinking the words he let his mouth come up

"After all we've been through. You call it nothing?" I asked and another one slipped down my cheek, I could taste the salty liquid slip to the side of my mouth

"You asked about us. Not the past" he said with a Duh-tone.

I couldn't handle my anger anymore. I wanted to cry, but as the next ruler. I don't want them to see how weak I truly am. I wiped my tears and got out of there and passed his toys or whatever he calls them and went down the staircase as fast as I could with an uneven breathing.

"Rapunzel wait. What happened this time?" my Mom tried to catch me but honestly. I want to be alone, I passed by her in one swift move

"Nothing Mom, I'm perfectly fine" I said not even looking at her and I continued on until I reached kingdom grounds. This was the most happiest place I could ever been where people always get along, dancing and laughing

"Your hair is so long my princess" a little girl came up to me and combed my hair. I couldn't help but smile at her. And I kissed her forehead "Thank you" I said sweetly and she ran along

After that incident where Eugene cut my hair which turned it brown and just above my shoulders. I've been singing while combing my hair again in hope that it will glow again someday. See, it looks rather a mixture of blonde, gold, and brown now and it's already at my ankle

But, just then; I realized that everyone froze right before me. Seriously, everyone; It was as if time stopped and I've pocked someone in the eye to prove it...

But the strange part is there was a black hole. Curiosity filled me. Why am I moving while everyone stopped? Is this black whole the answer?

I tried to put my finger in but without a single word. It sucked me alive


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