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I turned my car around. Kellan was going after Matt and no matter how evil Matt was; he was still human. Something inside me told the painting would wait. This was the right thing to do, which was ironic. It was dark out when I turned my car down Matt's driveway and I knew my brother was there. I felt his anger in the air. It surged everywhere and then it switched dramatically.
Kellan knew I was there too.

When I turned my car off around a bend on the driveway, where my car wouldn't be seen from the road or home, I wasn't surprised when Kellan stepped out from the woods. The driveway was a mile long and it was cloaked by the forest.

"You came to do this yourself?" His voice seemed to glide towards me.

Shivers went down my back. "I came to stop you. I know what you're going to do."

"He's a problem. He threatened a Braden."

"Kellan," I sighed.

He stepped closer. "He threatened you."

"And if Guiseppe had been threatened?"

"She'd do it herself. He'd already be dead."

I swallowed a tight knot in my throat. "Kellan, you can't kill him."

"Why not? They'd kill us."

"With due reason. We're not exactly normal...things."

He was bored. "Let's get it done. I still have to get over to Leah's unless those two did the deed for me."

That wouldn't surprise me. "You can go. I'll deal with Matt—go and handle Leah's dad. You're the one who said you'd do it."

"Deal with me? How are you going to deal with me?" Matt asked from behind us. We whirled around. I was shocked, but Kellan had a feral grin on his face. He'd known Matt was there, had probably been following him and then came out when my car stopped. That's when I narrowed my eyes. "I thought you were drunk."

Matt shrugged. "I was...I'm not anymore. Does it matter?"

Kellan smirked. "I wanted him sober. I want him to feel what's going to happen to him."

Matt didn't react. He didn't seem fazed at all, even scared. There was a zombie look in his eyes as he swayed on his feet.

"You put him in a trance?"

"I did what I had to do. He was passed out in his own piss. I took him out, cleaned him up, and now he's almost ready to wake up."

I closed my eyes and groaned. "Don't wake him up."

"I thought you didn't want him in a trance."

"You know what I mean." And he did. If Matt woke up, then Kellan really would have to do something with him. He'd find himself suddenly on his driveway with us, sober. I wouldn't want him to make his own assumptions as to how he got there.

"Trance or no trance. What do you want, Shay? Choose."

"I'm choosing for you to shut up." When my voice cracked a little, my wish was granted. Kellan's lips were sewed together and his eyes nearly popped out, but no sound came from his throat. I was more startled than anything else. "Huh."

Kellan ripped the sewing out and closed his eyes against the pain. "Not funny."

"I wasn't trying to be." But it was a little funny and I had no sense of humor.

"Just," he seethed out. "Watch your powers. I don't enjoy being silenced."

"Okay..." Then I looked at Matth, who'd been merely standing there. He looked idly from one to the other, but the look on his face made me twitch inside. He trusted us. It was similar as to a child's trust in their parent. "Kellan, leave."

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