The begning

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"Katie! Katie! Goddamns Katie wake up we're going to be late"
And that my friend would be the annoying voice of my best friend Tris.

"Late? For what?" I groan.

"School duh"

School great ... Just what I wanted to hear early in the morning. It's not like I hate school, it's just that nobody wants to wake 7am in the bloody morning on a Monday just to go to school ..... 6 hours of torture.

Just thinking about doing more work at school is making me sick. But me being me I finally get out of my heavenly bed and decided to go get ready.

"Oh good your up, I thought I would have to bring Jay in here" Tris says

"Well I thought i would take the easy way this time" I tell her

To be honest I actually did get up so I wouldn't have to face the wrath of my brother Jay. Last time I decided to stay in bed longer than I was suppose to, tris called Jay and it wasn't exactly pretty from there on. He ended up throwing me off my bed and spilling cold ass water all over me as tris threw pillows at me.... Never do I wanna make the mistake of sleeping in again.

Once Tris leaves my room to go have breakfast downstairs... I get ready .. Doing my normal routine which includes doing the basics freshen up first and then pick my cloth, do my hair, put my make up in which usually is just BB cream and mascara. After all that's done I make my way downstairs to see my brother and best friend in a heated argument.

"I had the bacon first" Tris screams at brother who is chewing on a piece of bacon.

"Maybe then you shouldn't have left it alone on your plate for anyone to take" he screams back

"Ugh your so annoying, you knew it was mine but you just couldn't let me have it could you now ... Y-you ugly cow"
Lets just say tris is not the best at comebacks when it comes to her and Jay fighting which it a regular thing now.

I got so caught up in their argument that I totally forgot about the time.

"You idiots if your done flirting with each other could we possibly leave , we're running late if you couldn't see" I yell at them

As soon as the word flirt leaves my mouth both of them start to burn up.

"We weren't flirting okay I was just trying to get my bacon back "Tris tells me as she try's to hide her red cheeks.

"It's true, I'd never flirt with someone like Tris". Jay retorts

"Hey what's that suppose to mean" tris says while hitting jays arm.


Done with their bullshit... I yell at them to hurry unless they want to be late for Mrs.Hudgens first period class and end up getting detention from the evil witch as everyone calls her.

With we leave for school and await for what comes next.


I know it was short but I promise the next one will be longer 😁
Anyways how'd you guys like it...
I know it wasn't that great but I'll try to make it better and funnier .... Thanks :) 💋-L

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