Valerie's POV

I'm so tired. My body is exhausted! Yesterday was horrible. I don't know what I'd do without this loser. "Stop moving wimp!" Jake groaned and held me in place. "Let go of me Jacob." I whispered. "I want to sleep, so stop moving." He mumbled. This is uncomfortable. I need to get out of this. I looked at his face and rolled my eyes. Stupid. I leaned in and kissed Jake. I know, I know, Valerie what are you thinking you have a boyfriend Correction! I don't.

Anyway this definitely woke Jacob up. I felt his hands hold onto my face. It wasn't what I initially planned to do but hey, stuff happens! Jake pulled away looking me in the eyes "Did you just..." He asked sort of surprised. I just ended up nodding. I don't know if it was just me but, I could feel the air thicken. It got more and more intense by the second.

Suddenly, Jacob kissed me. Soon enough he was on top of me not leaving any space between our lips. His hand crept up my shirt. It eventually got to my bra strap and he stopped. Thank God! He opened his eyes that were now showing his green orbs. "Holy crap!" He laughed while placing my shirt back to its natural form.

"Did that just..." I began slightly surprised. He was the one to nod this time. "Alrighty then! I'm gonna go take a shower, you can do what you do. There's a bathroom...well you know where they are." With that Jake was gone. I'm still in shock. What the hell did I just do! I quickly went to the bathroom down the hall and took a quick shower.

My aim was to get changed before Jake got back. And I failed miserably. I was about to put on my shirt when a bare-chested Jacob made his way in. Here I am in his room half naked. I mean on any other day, this would be normal, but this is not a normal day. "Oh My God!" I panicked and got my towel. Jacob looked at me slightly shocked. "Is everything ok?" He asked with a slight chuckle. I nodded.

Jacob's POV

Interesting. Val turned and put on her shirt. I put on my boxers and looked for my lotion. I spotted it next to Val. This should be fun. I walked towards her and lifted her off the ground. She still didn't have a shirt on, which meant...well you can picture it. "Jesus Christ! Jacob put me down!" She yelled. I just laughed, I did put her down though. "Relax weirdo, just getting my lotion." I turned away and walked to my wardrobe.

As I put on my pants I heard her slump onto the bed. I wore my black shirt and turned to her. "Get off your lazy bum Val." I spoke and helped her up. "I'm so hungry, talk about major diet, no lunch or dinner yesterday." She added. "Speaking of, you okay? You know after last night? I didn't ask before." I questioned. "Don't ask me those stupid questions." She said. "Coming from the one who does it all the time." I retorted.

"Shut up...why am I up this early anyway?" She asked. "We're going to school? Remember?" I answered. Valerie had the most adorable blonde moments, and this was one of them. "Right...I forgot." She whispered. We went down and I made her bacon and eggs. "I love me some bacon and eggs." She smiled. "I know you do. Now hurry up!" I laughed.

We eventually got to the hell hole. "I'm picking you up later for swimming. Be ready!" I smiled and she rolled her eyes then agreed. Valerie and I went our separate ways. I had chemistry which I absolutely dread! If there was anything I could erase from the face of the planet it would be the sciences! The only reason I come back here every week is because my future depends on it.

"Jacob, would you like to give us the name of the liquid metal we've been talking about?" Mrs Tran asked. I honestly think teachers tend to underestimate how smart I really am. "Mercury." I answered blankly. She looked shocked but covered it up. "Good." She replied. I turned back to the window and kept I said, Chem sucks!

"Show off!" Will laughed as we walked out of class. "I can't help that I'm a genius Will." I retorted. Just then, I saw Valerie walking to her locker. "Jake you still haven't told me why you like Valerie. She's plain as fuck." William can be really insensitive sometimes. "I've known her for practically my whole life. She knows me like the back of her hand. I get her, most times. I don't wanna go around with a girl like Amber." I laughed. "What's wrong with Amber? She's hot!" He smirked. "Do you ever actually listen to what she's saying?" I laughed. Will just shoved me.

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