Chapter 1 - Dorcas Meadowes

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"Psst! Lily!" Dorcas hissed, throwing another ball of parchment at her friend. For the past five minutes, she'd been assaulting the redhead with crumpled-up drafts of Lily's Transfiguration essay.

Lily slammed down the book she'd been holding up and arched an eyebrow at Dorcas. "What?" she whispered angrily.

"I need to talk to you," Dorcas said in a low voice.

"So do I," chimed in Marlene, and Lily sighed. 

"Fine. You all can come up to my dorm tonight and we can hang out."

"Sleepover?" asked Marlene hopefully, and Lily shrugged. "Sure, whatever. Now, can I please finish this essay? It's due tomorrow and I've barely started."

"Lily, your procrastination skills are legendary," Marlene commented as Lily bent over her books once more.

Dorcas tuned out Lily's reply, instead choosing to focus on more important things than the latest Transfiguration assignment.

The party two nights ago had almost ruined her life -- she had been glad that it was Remus who'd walked in on her and not someone else, who would have either joined in or spilled her secret. She shuddered at the thought.

But she could trust Remus. He was a good friend of hers, and the rest of the group for that matter, and the only one of the Marauders that Lily had never once despised. Dorcas trusted Lily's judgment, and therefore she trusted Remus. Besides, what choice did she have?

Dorcas' gaze swept over the library, where the girls were currently working, and caught the new librarian's death glare. She hastily turned back to her two friends' conversation.

"What's the librarian's name again?" Dorcas asked quietly.

Though the question had been aimed at Lily, it was Marlene who answered. "Madam Pince. She's supposed to be really young, but she sure doesn't look it." 

This comment prompted a laugh from even Lily, who was almost entirely focused on her work.

"Looks like she just stepped out of her grave," Dorcas observed.

Lily giggled. "I heard she and Filch have a thing."

"Blech," Marlene said. "You could pay me a thousand galleons and I still wouldn't touch Filch."

"Mar, you've done worse for less," Dorcas scolded, and Marlene looked thoughtful.

"I suppose you're right."

The girls collapsed into silent giggles again, and Lily groaned. "I'm never going to get this thing done." Marlene immediately scooted her chair over to help her friend out while Dorcas spaced out once again.

Someone cleared their throat from behind Dorcas. She looked around to find a little third year holding out a scroll.

"It's a message from Dumbledore," the girl explained.

"Thanks, hun," Dorcas said, and the third year left, a slight spring in her step.

"Wish I was still that enthusiastic," Marlene said wistfully, and Lily rolled her eyes. 

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