Chapter 15

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Hey Guys, so this one is preeeettttyyy long but bare with me? It's long cuz I haven't update for a while-so ENJOY!! -Jess 

Lana, Jenna and I split up from the group and began to walk towards the dungeons. "Who do we share advanced potions with again, Elle?" Lana shuffled her books to her other hand, she was carrying all three of them since she refused to buy a backpack. They are unnecessary, stupid. She had told me that when I questioned her, who's laughing now?

"Slytherin. The people who are dressed in green and silver-I think." I shrugged and pulled my hair over my shoulder. "Hermione said we were in for a real treat'." 

"Well, if you think about it, that annoying girl you just slammed against the wall was wearing green and silver and the boy who kept giving you dirty looks in Defense Against the Dark Arts was as well, you know the blonde one?" She shrugged and I rolled my eyes.

"Oh, that kid. His name is Draco. Ignore him-he is a total prick and I don't even feel bad for giving him a black eye."

Lana just shook her head at me with a grin and Jenna gasped sarcastically. "You hit someone when I wasn't even hear to see it?! How dare you!" 

I grinned as we walked through the door leading to the Potions class. "How about this, next time I am about to sock someone in the face, I will let you know."

"Promise?" She put her hands on her hips and made me swear. Satisfied with my answer she chose a desk in the middle of the class.

Since Moody had let us all leave early-the class was empty so the three of us got our choice of seat. However, the desks were positioned to only fit two people per desk. Lana and I looked at each other at the same time before quickly bolting to claim the seat next to Jenna, not wanting to sit by ourselves. 

Sadly, I was slower than Lana and she plopped down the stool next to our blonde companion. "Come on Lana." I whined and tried to pull her out of the chair. "It isn't fair-you have longer legs than I do!"

Lana just shrugged and stuck her tongue out at me. "And I also get to sit by Jenna, how's them apples?"

Pouting, I flipped my hair and chose the desk right behind the two of them with a frown. Slowly, I pulled everything out of my bag and sat it down on the stone table in front of me. I set up my cauldron and carefully set down all of my mixers perfectly.

"That there is OCD, my friend." I jumped a little, hitting my knee on the desk, causing my perfect set up to jumble up. I cursed under my breath and looked up to see a beaming Hufflepuff standing over my shoulder.

I gazed up at him, trying to figure out if I knew him or not. I had this humiliating feeling that I should know him and it was killing me.

"Don't tell me, you don't remember?" He grinned at me with a nonchalant smile and suddenly it hit me like a ton of very very heavy bricks.

"Cedric. No I remember, how could I forget?" I chuckled, a little pink in the face, but tried to play it off as if nothing happened. 

He just shrugged me off and sat down in the seat next to mine, still smiling. "It's okay if you forget. Sometimes I feel like my own father forgets who I am on occasion." He just chuckled once more and I laughed along with him.

"Wait, why are you in here? I thought we had this period with Slytherin?" I rose a brow and asked as I watched him take out all of his materials.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Jenna and Lana both watching us with curious expressions. Once Jenna caught my eye, she and Lana both mouthed. "Who is he?"

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