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Natsu P.O.V

Lucy drive fast trough the empty city streets keeping me a little on edge but it was fun.

The car came to a sharp stop and she hopped out of the vehicle.

"Who's house is this?" I asked. Lucy smirked.

"An old friend of mine. I thought I should pay her a visit." Lucy laughed taking out toilet paper from her purse.

She handed me a roll."And you are gonna help me."

She started to run to the house and throw the toilet paper at the top of the roof. I followed behind reaching across the pipelines. Her toilet paper roll fell down and I threw it around the chimney.

Once we were out, we met back up in the front.

"That was fun!" She nodded.

The front door of the house opened.

"Ah! My house."

"Hope you like it Minerva!" Lucy yelled. The lady couldn't recognize her and Lucy took my hand.

"We gotta jet!" Her warm hand lead me off of their lawn to the car.

"HEY WHOEVER YOU ARE! GET BACK HERE AND FIX MY HOUSE!" We heard the lady complain behind us.

Once in the car she started it up and we flew down the road.

"Who was that?" I asked finally.

"An old 'enemy' from school." Lucy sighed. She then loaded a gun and I got scared.

"W-where are we going?" I began to shiver in my boots.

"Relax. We are just going to rob." She said blankly.

"Rob!" I shrieked. She then came to a halt with the car.

"I owe Erza some cakes." Lucy wiggles her eyebrows playfully.

We arrived at a cake shop.

Lucy tucked the gun in the back of her pants.

When we entered, there was a girl with pink long hair behind the counter. She tensed when she peered into Lucy's eyes.

"Meredy. You know what I'm here for." Lucy said and Meredy smirked.

"What makes you think imma let you have to cakes Lucy?" Meredy challenged. Lucy took the gun from her back pocket.

"Woah! Luce just buy them!" I ordered before she took someone's life. Meredy then also took out a gun.

They started to fire at each other Lucy dodging the shots.

"Nerf guns?" I tilted my head confused as the bullets were plush and sticking to the wall.

"Cover me Natsu!" She threw a nerf gun at me and I began to shoot towards Meredy.

Lucy took the cakes and headed towards the car.

"My cakes!" Meredy raced after them but I shot the front door closed and she looked behind at me.

"Sorry." I apologized.

Once Lucy got in the car I shot at the opposite wall causing her to look in that direction. I made my escape to the car.

"I just robbed a cake shop."I uttered to myself.

Lucy looked over to my direction then at the road.

"If that's how you want to put it..- any way one more stop." Lucy said and we pulled to the side of the road.

She took out some spray paint and started spraying the wall.

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