Chapter I

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  It was about eight o'clock pm. Friday night. Carlos sighed as he lay on his bed. The final tourney match of the season was earlier, and Auradon Prep had lost. Everyone blamed Carlos for missing the final catch.

   Everyone— except Jay that was. Jay was the one that stood up for him, and Carlos couldn't help but admire him. He went into a daze thinking of Jay, and how protective the other was of him.

   Jay had slowly went from Carlos' best friend, to his possible teenage crush. Carlos hadn't felt this way for another male before, so he was confused on his feelings to the other. Carlos was pulled from his train of thought, as Jay barged into their room holding a box of pizza.

   "I accidentally ate two slices on the way here," Jay said, smirking. Carlos smiled. Of course he did.

   Jay walked over to Carlos bed, and opened the box of pizza. Carlos grabbed a slice, and stuffed it in his mouth hungrily.

"Slow down," Jay said, before chuckling lightly. Jay took a slice of pizza and tossed the box onto his bed.

"Wanna play some video games after we eat?" Jay said, before stuffing his slice of pizza in his mouth.

"You read my mind," replied Carlos, crumbs falling from his mouth as he spoke. Video games were definitely the one activity that the two bonded over the most.

   He and Jay ate a couple more slices of pizza, chatting casually, before they decided to stand in front of their motion sensor TV. They had decided on a street fighter type game, and had their glowing motion sensor controllers in their hands.

"Ready?" Jay asked Carlos with a raise of a brow.

"Mhm." Carlos answered to the other with a smile.

   Jay pressed the play button, and their game began. That's how they spent the rest of their night together.

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