I started to pick the things up ! "Amzzzzyyy ? " i heard shehry whined and i still ignored him . he hold my waist and turn me towards his self .

My gaze was down cause i was so freaking mad at him . "what happened ? " he asked and i didn't replied . "btao gi nahi tou solve kaise krun ga ? " he said with all that calm and i closed my eyes tight to control my anger .

"Sorry " he said shortly and i look up . "your sorry can't fix things up you messed up " i stated and get out from his grip . "kia hogaya hai ? " he asked annoyed and i didn't replied and went to the room .

"Mat bolo sai hai " he said as he came in the room at my back and shut the door harshly . i bite my inner cheek for not to scream in fear . he laid on the bed and i sat on the single sofa .

This is nit happening first time . i'm tired of telling and asking ! I hold my head in my hands as i silently pray "Ya Allah please help me and show me the right path . help me in keeping calm . " .

I stood and take my pillow and extra sheet . i placed the extra matress and laid on it . i closed my eyes and a tear rolled down from my eye. Everything was okay but then why is this all happening ?

I felt him sitting on his bed and i was lying on the matress ! I quickly wiped the tears and i can hear him sigh. Then i felt two strong arms scooped me , i want to scream but i was pretending i was sleeping !

He laid me on the bed and yes i love my bed . i laid as my all muscles started to relax . "i know tm jaag rahi ho ! " he said and i opened my eyes . "tou phr kyun utha k laye ? Neche he sone dete ! " i said and turn my side from him .

"Mjhe nahi psnd k main uper aur tm neeche " he stated and i narrowed my eyes at him .

Shehryaar's pov

I know why is she angry but i can't tell her till next morning what i'm upto ! "Achaa chalo mjhe mauf krdo " i said and pouted .

"Kis cheez k liye mauf krun ? " she asked annoyed and my head hung low . " tm pichley 6 maheno se bht weird behave kr rahe ho ! Kuch hai tou mjhe btao ! Mil k dono solve krlein ge ! Magr tmhara yeh behaviour mjhe sharminda krta hai sb k samne ! " she speeched and her voice cracked .

I embarce her in a hug . "there is something i want to tell but you have to wait for a right time . " i whipered in her ear . "its okay ! I forgive you ! " she mumble and i smile softly .

Chahe kitna bhi bura bn jaun yeh hamesha mjhe mauf krdeti hai !

"Ab sojao ! " i mumble and she noded and we both laid down. "Waise aj main ne khana bahar nahi khaya ! " i stated and she look up at me.

"Haww tou tmne khaya kyun nahi jb main ne garam kiya tha ? " she asked with wide eyes and i chuckle "tm naraz thin kaise khaa leta ? " i said and made a puppy dog face .

"Aww aur main ne aj pehle hi ghusse main khaa liya ! " she pouted and i kissed her pout .

"Its okay ab sojao subha mjhe bht zaruri kam hai ! " i stated and she was still looking at me. "Bht buri wife hun naa main ? " she asked and i shook my head . "duniya ki sb se pyari aur achi wife ho " i said and she blushed .

She put her head on my chest and i tighten my grip around her back . "i love you ! " i mumble and i can feel her smile at my chest . "i love you too " she said and we both slept .

Amsal's pov

"Amsallllll ? Utho yaar " shehryaar shake me and i opened my eyes . "kia hai aj itni jaldi ? " i huffed and sat on the bed . "i have a surprise ! And your clothes are lying at the sofa ! Go and get change ! I'll make zee ready " he said and kissed on my forehead . he left the room and i was still sitting on my bed .

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