Amzy's pov

I was standing in the kitchen and all the voices from outside were paining me ! Its zee's 5 birthday and i'm here waiting for shehry !

He told me that he'll be here right on time ! Sain , maha and ali are planning zee's 5 birthday from a month and shehry is like he doesn't even remember .

I just wish that he remember about his birthday or there's gonna be big fight cause i'm tired of lying to zee about shehry .

Sain came in the kitchen . "emm  amzy is the cake is ready ? " he asked and i noded . "emm where's shehry ? " he asked and i shuggered my shoulder .

"Angry enough ? " he asked and finally i speak up "noo tired enough of going through this all alone " i said and left the kitchen .

Everyone is here ! Zee is playing with munaza ! I climb the stairs and took my phone out . no one is here ! I sighed and dialled his number . his phone ranged but no one picked .

Now i was flaming up in anger . i'm tired of his behaviour ! I'm actually so tired of him . i climb the stairs down .

Its going to strike 12 ! Finally the door's bell rang up . maha open the door and my husband is here .

He looked at everyone with a surprise . "em is there something special today ? " he asked and my anger shoot up but i controlled it cause khala and maa were sitting on the sofa .

My hands clenched ! Maha looked at me and suddenly mona dragged me away . "amzy come on its going to be 12 " she said and i took the cake out and decorate it with candles!

"Amzy? " i heard shehry as he enters in the kitchen and i didn't respond . "Emm main bahar ja k zee ko ready krti hun " mona said and leave us alone .

I started to heat up all the meal we already eaten . "just listen me for once " he sighed and i didn't respond . i set the cake in the kitchen . "khana garam hai oven main khana ho ! Khaa lena ! Or haan celebration main anee ki zarort nahi apko " i state and push the trolley out .

Clock strike 12 and everyone started to sing the birthday song and i drag the trolly out. Zee was surprised sitting on hussain's lap . i smile my at the top of my heart .

This is what i wished for my son ! A big fat family so he could live his life fully and happily but my husband doesn't care !

I fake smile cause i don't want to ruin the moment . zee looked at me with teary eyes . "come on zee don't cry baby ! Let's blow the candles " i said and he close his eyes .

" i wish my mom and dad lives happily together with our big family "  he wished and blow the candles . "come on shehry and amzy let cut the cake " sain said and i look back to myself. He was standing quietly there  !

I bend a little down and hold zee's hand and shehry hold our hand ! We cut the cake and everyone clapped. I smile weakly and stood up .

Khala started to make pieces of the cake and my phone rang up . i check and its ali . i slide and receive the call .

Me : salam ali ?
Ali : salam amzy ! Where's my boy ? Its his b'day !
Me : yeah wait let me call him .
Ali : yeah i need to say sorry to him cause i can't make it today !
Me : its okay ali ! We'll celebrate his b'day again with you ! Oh here's zee !

I gave my phone to zee and he started to talk with him . i smile and turn to left to do some work in the kitchen . the meal was still like i felt . he didn't eat . i know he already it out . it becomes his habbit that he'll eat out and i starve whole night  .

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