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Chapter 1


                How many times can you look me in the eye

                And tell me everything is fine when I know it's not

                I don't even know what I should say now

                I can't speak, I am such a freak

               The ear buds were ripped out of my ears, cutting The Downtown Fiction off mid-song. I turned from washing the dishes to see my best friend in the whole world standing behind me. 

                “Dude! I’ve been calling your name for like the past 5 minutes!” Liam huffed, flicking his jet black hair to the side in an attempt to get it out of his eyes. I sent him an apologetic look, knowing that I would be forgiven in a matter of seconds. “S’okay,” he grumbled a bit. But then teasingly added, “I know how you get with your music, blasting your ear drums out every second that you can.”

                I smiled because he knows me so well.  He jumped up on the counter and looked down at me superiorly and said, “I’m the king of the kitchen!” I laughed at this and the crazy boy sitting in front -well beside, I guess- me.

                I pointed to the dry erase board hanging from the wall beside the fridge. He examined it and read out loud, “Brae, please wash the dishes from dinner last night. Thanks so much! Love, Dad.”  Liam turned to me and exclaimed, “Well hurry up then! I want to get back to my house before dinner ya’ know!”

                I chuckled while thinking that I was so lucky to have a friend like him. Someone who would give up every Friday night so we could have our traditional movie night/sleep over, and would spend time befriending the shy, silent girl when they were one of the most popular guys in the school.

                Once the dishes were washed, dried, and put away, I walked over to the stairs where my bag was sitting. I looked up at Liam with the puppy dog eyes that I know he couldn’t say no to. He took one glance at me, sighed, and picked up my bag for me. I smiled at him and skipped to his car, knowing that it would be locked. I looked back and what I saw amused me to no end.

                Liam was walking out of my house with my very girly bag over his shoulder and gave me a if-anybody-sees-me-carrying-this-thing-you-will-be-dead-to-me look. I laughed quietly and waited patiently for him to make his way to the car and unlock the door for me. As soon as I was in the car and it was turned on, I rolled my window all the way down and put one of my favorite Paramore CD’s in.

                I smiled when one of my favorite songs on the album, Ignorance, came on and Liam started driving. The warm fall wind was flinging my long, wavy, chocolate brown hair all over the place and I loved it. The whole ride was filled with Liam talking to me, but not making it so I had to say anything because he knows I won’t. 

                After about 10 minutes we pulled into his driveway and got out of the car. I was hoping that he would carry my bag in for me but he just left it sitting in the backseat. I don’t blame him for not wanting to take it though, heck even I don’t want to take it! Its way too pink and girly for me, but it was a gift and the only bag I could find when I was packing so I had to use it.

                As I walked into the Miller’s house after Liam, my nose was assaulted with the aroma of lasagna, and it smelled delicious. I ran up the stairs to Liam’s room and threw my bag on his bed. I was about to run back downstairs and to the kitchen but I paused for a moment to take Liam’s room in. The walls were painted a deep green, the carpet was white, the bookshelf in the corner that was half full of books and half full of junk, the dirty clothes hamper had barely anything in it which made me think that he had recently done laundry, the TV against the far wall was big and sat on top of a shelf that was packed with all kinds of movies, his bed was queen-sized, comfy, piled high with pillows, and had a white comforter on it.

                I knew this room as well as my own, and smiled at all of the pictures on his walls. Most were of me and him, but some were of his other friends too. I took a deep breath and smelled the familiar scent of Liam’s cologne that comforted me as if he was actually here, standing next to me. I walked over to the bathroom that was connected to his room and looked in the mirror.

                A short, petite, brunette stared back at me. My light blue eyes surveyed my naturally tan skin, white blouse, and most importantly, my pink lips that could choose to voice opinions, statements or jokes, but would not. Nobody knew why I wouldn’t talk except my mother, but she left me and my dad a long time ago.

                I broke away from my memories, walked out of the bathroom and then Liam’s room, and down the stairs. Following my nose, I rounded a corner and saw Liam talking to his mother while she pulled the lasagna out of the oven. When Mrs. Miller turned and saw me she exclaimed, “Brae! I didn’t see you there! Well it’s good to see you dear!” I smiled at her warmly and she caught me in a hug. “Liam, will you please set the table? And Brae, will you throw all these veggies in that bowl over there and toss the salad? Wonderful, thank you so much!”

                I smiled to myself as she ran around the kitchen trying to finish preparing the meal. As I was tossing the salad, I thought about how this woman managed to keep her house clean, husband and two boys fed, and still talk so fast and be so fierce that there was no way you could get out of anything.

              As I was finishing, I heard the front door bang open and two people stumble in. “ Honey, I’m home!” Mr. Miller called out. His wife gave a tiny giggle and walked over to where all the commotion was to give her husband a kiss.

                Suddenly I heard a little boy shout “Ewww! Cooties!” and run away. I was just coming out of the kitchen when said boy came barreling down the hallway and almost knocked me over. I smiled when Grayson attacked my legs with a hug –which was the highest thing he could reach- and said, “Brae! I missed you so much!” I laughed at this because he saw me two days ago.

              Liam came around the corner and smiled at me, while I was trying to pry his little brother’s hands off me. Finally, when he decided that I needed help he told the little monster, “You better go get washed up or Mom won’t let you eat dinner!”

              “Nuh uh! Mommy loves me! She always lets me have dinner.”

              “Well not if you don’t wash your hands. If you don’t then you will have to sit at the table while the rest of us eat. And, Mom made your favorite tonight, lasagna!”

              “Seriously?” Grayson asked in a small voice. He watched with huge eyes as Liam seriously nodded his head, and then ran off down the hall. We heard the water running and I turned to Liam shaking my head at how mean he was.

                “What?” he said innocently. “You wanted to be released from his death grip sometime right?”

                I just chuckled in response. Suddenly, he grabbed my hand and dragged me up the stairs and to his room. He pushed me so I sat down on the bed while he made himself comfortable on the floor directly in front of me. He looked at me with his dark green eyes and told me, “You’re my best friend B, in case you didn’t know.” I looked at him, puzzled, and as if he was reading my thoughts, replied, “Well, I just realized that I had never told you that and I thought it might be nice for you to actually hear me say it.”

                I gave him a huge smile and a hug while thinking, ‘There he goes with that good guy personality thing again. What did I do to deserve someone so nice and sweet and caring?’

                As I was pulling back, I heard a shout that resounded through the whole house, “DINNER!”  

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