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Lindsey’s POV:

I was at the clinic treating a dog. I think she is pregnant and was thinking about the cute puppies of that dog named, Sara. Suddenly my mom came like a flash of lighting to my clinic and the dog got frightened. “Mom! You scared Sara right away from me…” I yelled.

She rolled her eyes and whispered something in the ears of my nurse. I couldn’t guess what she actually told her.

But the nurse went and informed all the masters with their pet to leave because I was going to go out.

. “Mom? Where are we going now?”I asked puzzled.

“Wait and watch” she whispered. I sat on the rear of my mom’s car and she drove home.

She led me to my room and opened my closet. “Why don’t you put this on?” she told pointing towardsa red dress. I rolled my eyes and changed my dress and came out. “You really look like a princess” she exclaimed. “ He is the one for you….” She said gaping.

“Who is that he?” I asked with a confused look. She looked at her watch and found that it was 3:00 pm.

“Oh! It’s already late!” she exclaimed tensed. She dragged me to the car with all her energy.

She drove the car and I sat in the rear part of the car. “His name is Harry and we I mean his parents and me have decided to tie the knot for you both…. What do you think?” she told me on the way and all I could guess was that we were going to the park.

“What? Why didn’t  you ask my permission?” I asked her with all my anger. She smiled and said "He is the best prince for my princess”. “But?” I asked her still in a confused tone. The stopped the car  with a sudden brake. We both got out of the car. She gave me a hug and said “All is going to be fine”.

I turned around and saw the big park with so many people there. I was taken aback and turned to her and gave her a puppy look. “How am I going to find him?”. She pointed to my bag and said, “I’ve kept his pic in your bag and he already has your pic so don’t worry my princess”.

Meanwhile: Harry’s POV:

I took out my phone and called over to Louis my close band mate. He answered my call.

“Hey Lou, I’m kinda nervous to meet this girl and I told her mom not to tell her about my profession. What do you say?”

“Why don’t you tell her?”

“I want a girl to love me and not my fame….”

“That is true”

“I think I found her. Ok catch you up late mate!”

“Okay….And I want to convey my best wishes to you Haz”


I was able to see her glittering blue eyes and I have to say that I fell for that. I was admiring at her  but she was looking at a piece of paper, but I couldn’t guess what it was .

Everything seemed to fade for me but she glimmered between others I was lost in her. Then, I could suddenly feel that someone bumped onto me and I recognized that it was her.

She got up apologizing to me and she suddenly stopped (I don’t know why) She looked deep into my eyes as the same way I looked into hers.

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