This Momo girl ( Kevin Sy POV from Voiceless ) FanPoem

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I just met you out from nowhere.
Telling things 'bout the one you care,
by sleep talking after sheading a tear.
You are really an imposible girl!

I dont know you, indeed, you are a total stranger.
But there's a sudden feeling like wanting to care of her.
She looks so fragile in her deep slumber.
"no,no,no!". I shouldnt feel this way and thats a stiff answer.

The more effort to get lost of you.
The most im stucked like im a super, super glued.
" havent i mention to you momo? that the thought of Sync and you makes me feel blue!"

Momo's the girl im really much inlove.
And have you feel the pain that she cant return it back.
Oh! havent i mention too, that shes #0 fan
Of this guy named Sync whos from Syntax Error band.

By the way im Kevin Sy from the band Ranaway.
But im not the author of this poem anyway
Now, return the topic to where we had stop.
So aching much cause im stucked at this girl who cant love me back.

Each time i got effort to come closer to her.
Is always the time i get myself voicelessly hurt.
Cause She talked about her love and his guts.
Always my rival in her heart whom i can never top.

I doubt to wish that night i hadnt passed on that lane.
have had that chance to be happily insane.
I bet not to end this beautiful tragic love affair.
And bet, yes, to win the battle of war and love from this Momo girl. <3

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