Liner Note 10

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Cecilia: We're both here today.

Daron: I wouldn't let her do it without me.

Cecilia: Like I'm ever without you.

Daron: Whatever. All I really want to do is share guitar porn, like the new Les Paul.

Cecilia: You realize that guitar costs more than I've earned so far this year.

Daron: That's what makes it "porn." The unattainability. And drooling.

Cecilia: (laughs)

Daron: I have more. But why don't you do the spiel on blog news first. Which is why you're here. (yawns)

Cecilia: Tha-a-a-nks. News is minimal. Let's see:
We put in threaded comments so it's somewhat easier to tell who Daron is replying to. Hope everyone likes it and hope it doesn't break the site. So far so good. Dar, that reminds me I wanted to ask you something about comments.

Daron: What?

Cecilia: The story takes place in the past. When you answer comments, are you answering from the present or from then?

Daron: Do I have to choose? I mean, I'm like a time-traveling superhero in fiction.

Cecilia: I guess...

Daron: If people talk to then-me, then-me answers. If they talk to 2010-me, 2010-me answers.

Cecilia: As long as you're not confused.

Daron: I'm not at all confused, though other people might be. Including you.

Cecilia; Ha. I think it's always 2010-you who answers, and you just pretend to be then-you so you don't give away anything about what happens.

Daron: Believe what you want. People can ask me whatever they like, from whenever. You're right though that I won't give away what happens. But I like chatting. Can I post more guitar porn, now?

Cecilia: Sure.

Daron: This is what happens when you Google "guitar porn." You find the totally work safe Flickr group and stuff like Vimeo and Youtube videos. Also WORK SAFE.

There's other fun stuff if you Google it. Who ever thought any search involving the word "porn" would yield so many work safe results? See, it's not about sex at all.

Cecilia: ... As Bart would say, denial is not just a river in Egypt.

Daron: Well, it's true that Vimeo one makes my fingers ache sort of like blue balls.

Cecilia: You are such a geek, you know that?

Daron: But at least I'm not a suicidal maniac. Speaking of which, have you see this? (see video link)

Cecilia: A Joy Division documentary? Oh, how did we miss that? It debuted in the UK in May 2008. But here it is for sale at Amazon:   Joy Division (The Miriam Collection).

Daron: Put it on your wishlist, willya?

Cecilia: Done. Huh, there's a Metallica documentary here, too. And one on Radiohead. You want those, too? You like those bands more than me.

Daron: I don't see what there is not to like about Metallica or Radiohead.

Cecilia: You like everything.

Daron: I do not. But I do appreciate a lot of things. I appreciate music the way you appreciate food. I can't believe half the stuff you eat.

Cecilia: If you'd just try it, you'd probably like it just fine.

Daron: That doesn't mean I'd buy it, though. You're the same. You'll listen if it's on the radio, even if it isn't a band whose CD you'd buy. Or even bother to bittorrent.

Cecilia: That reminds me that I need to buy Thom Yorke's solo album. To put in the mixes with David Sylvian. I wonder if they have it at iTunes?

Daron: Buy the CD and rip it instead. I'm mad at Apple over the Lala shutdown.

Cecilia: All right. That reminds me, I ought to get connected to MixApp again.

Daron: MixApp?

Cecilia: So, some of my techy friends started this thing that essentially allowed you to DJ from your iTunes into a livestream so that anyone you invited to listen could hear it in real time with you.

Daron: Coo-ool.

Cecilia: The software has morphed and morphed to the point where now it's all in the cloud and you can sign on via Facebook. I have my own "listening room" here: and all my iTunes tracks are shareable. My friends can create their own rooms and pull stuff from my iTunes library to listen to. And I can pull from theirs to add to my own playlist.

Daron: Can you make a room for me?

Cecilia: Hm. Maybe. But I don't have half the stuff you like ripped.

Daron: So go and find it in your friends' playlists. Otherwise all we'll have is anime soundtracks and David Sylvian, which is all you have, really.

Cecilia: But if I make you a playlist, it'll play, and once it goes through the list, it goes silent again. You don't "keep" the tracks, you just borrow them for streaming purposes. Which is why it's legal and not piracy, I suppose.

Daron: That's still pretty cool. Some night we should have a listening party. So, when are you going to create a Facebook for me?

Cecilia: I think they're cracking down on fictional people having Facebooks. You could have a fan page, though.

Daron: And I don't have one already, why? Should Moondog Three have a fan page, too? (Note: there is a Moondog 3 FB page up now)

Cecilia: Maybe if we can get someone to create you some album art and the like to post. I'm not arty enough to pull it off.

Daron: Ask your arty friends. That's where the original album art M3 had came from in the first place, you know. Then we can make T-shirts and cool stuff like that, too.

Cecilia: I suppose so. What do you say, readers? Got any ideas? The Candlelight single needs a cover. And the band could use a logo. We could trade free swag and access to all the premium content past and future! (Note: the band does have a logo now, and album cover art... hop over to the DGC webpage to check it out).

Daron: By the way, I'm looking through your library and you HAVE the Thom Yorke album already. Thom Yorke. Of Radiohead.

Cecilia: Yeah, yeah. I'll give Radiohead a try again soon. Them and Coldplay. Uh oh...out of time for more liner notes today...

Daron: Till next time!


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