Chapter 1

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"Delancy!" I heard my father shout, running up the staircase.

"What's wrong?" I replied a bit startled as I dropped my hair brush and ran up to the door way.

"Come here, you'll never believe this!" He continued trying to hide the growing excitement in his eyes.

"What's going on?" I asked again while tying up my bath robe but instead of a reply he grabbed my hand and pulled me down the stairs with him.

"Delancy look at this!" He smiled while taking up sheet of paper off the counter.

"It's a loan document." I said a little puzzled while narrowing my eyes at it.

"Read it!" he continued with his smile brightening by the second.

"Well...It says our debt is paid in full."

"Yes!" He laughed unable to contain his excitement. Understanding this, I also gave my father a warm smile.

"Oh I see, we've finally paid off one of our debts." To my surprise, he shook his head and smiled even brighter.

"Delancy, I haven't told you this but," he smiled then took back the document, "this loan was the final one we had to pay off!"

"What!?" I said putting my hand over my mouth as I began to understand what he was saying.

"Lately I've been - we've been working harder than usual because I was trying to pay off our final loan and now that we have, I thought I would surprise you."

"Dad, do you know what this means!" I cried putting my hands on his shoulders "No more loans means we're finally out of debt! We can finally stop worrying for once!"

"And we can do something we like for a change!" My father continued still smiling."

"And we can order more stock!"

"Or go on a vacation!"

"Or even hire more people!"

"But most importantly, we can finally spend time with each other." My father concluded with a warm smile.

I leaned in and gave him a hug for I felt a wave of indescribable elation. "Dad, we've finally done it. We're okay now." I said almost bursting in tears.

"But it's mostly because of you. Your mother would be so proud of us now." Our warm hug was disturbed by a tapping that came from the glass window of the store.

"Delancy!" I heard the warm voice of my friend Daniel call as he stuck his face to the window and waved a hand to me. "Aren't you guys going to open up? It's already after eight!"

"Dad open the door and let him in." I said as I turned back to him and pointed to the keys he had in his pockets.

"I don't know? That boy's just trouble." He replied still smiling and rubbing his chin while gesturing to Daniel whose face was still stuck to the window but this time he was brandishing puppy-dog eyes.

"Come on dad let him in!" I pleaded one more time before he finally gave in. He gave me a light squeeze before walking up to the door and unlocking it, letting Daniel in.

"Now, I don't want any games, okay?" he said to him with a serious face though his smile still lingered.

"Of course Mr. Monroe!" My friend smiled before crossing his fingers behind his back.

"I'll go and finish opening up. You two can do....whatever it is that you do." My father sighed while still trying to hide his smile as he walked off.

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