Chappie 6: To Camp-AssHoles!

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Angelica's POV:

After talking to the Olympians we decided to continue on to the camp of- well, you know who. When we teleported there the first thing I see is jack holding a knife to Percy's neck...... Wait a minute...... "JACK!?!?!?!" I accidentally shout out loud the jack look-a-like stared at me in a curious way before moving the knife off of Percy's neck, which was a relief, but I noticed he started walking towards me. Once he got as close as my personal bubble would allow him, he whispered to me "one, I'm not jack. Two my name is louis. And three...... Your voice is pretty" I stared at him, shocked at what he said, not the whole voice thing.... Well a little bit of that.... But it was mostly the fact that jack had a twin called Louis that didn't look as ugly as jack.... He then moved away from me and started to go back to Percy. "You must be omega........welcome to camp half-blood" he said in a kind tone...... 'Weird he definitely doesnt act anything like physcotic jack......' 'Hahaha nice one angelica' Zoe and Bianca think at the same time. (Did I mention they all know what each other are thinking? Well back to story!!!) "So, shall we take you around the camp?" Asked Louis. "That will not be needed, but.... Thank you I guess, for asking" Percy replies. He side-eyed me and winked at me, giving me a hint to create a small cabin. I then walked over to a small space near to the edge of the barrier and lifted my hands on the air as a galaxy looking mist came out of my hands spewing everywhere. The mist started to move upwards and one it reached the height and width of the house it dissapeared, revealing a small wooden cabin. Everyone in the audience from the camp gasped in both awe and shocked at what I had just made. "Well, Louis, we are going to unpack and everything so good bye" said Percy in a tone that was a mix of sarcasm, meanness and niceness. So then we walked to the cabin and entered the house to find it looking gigantic inside, it was so big it looked like a mansion!! "Wow" everyone said at the same time which made everyone also laugh. "Well I'm going to head to my room see ya peeps" I say to the others who were only getting over there fit of laughter, "okie dokie then!!" Says Luke. I then walked up the stairs took a left, right, right, left, up some more stairs, left and finally the rooms! I was exhausted after that exercise, so I walked up to the door that said angelica, walked in and collapsed on my bed. Only then did I remember I could change the wall colour and the colour of the furniture and doors. I then decided to go with a background that looked like the universe and the furniture were starry so that way it would like I was in a galaxy. I then laid back done on the bed and took a nap. But right before I fell asleep I thought ' wow so this is the power of creation.....'.

(Here is a list of there powers/abilities if you forget!!)

Zoë- speed run

Silena-disguise and telekinisis

Beckendorf- creation of both things and weapons

Ethan- to change anyones emotion

Luke- make people go psycho and use the mist to trick people

Clarisse- instant kill with a wrist flick and making stone warriors

Bianca- teleportation and healing

Angelica- she has the power of creation

Percy- the power to create things, and cause tidal waves whenever he's mad

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