Chapter 2

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Malcolm sat at the kitchen table with a pack a peas on his face, Harper sat across from him twiddling her thumbs before giving an awkward smile.

"Sorry, Mal." She said calling her friend by his nickname, he glanced at her before sighing slightly.

"It's okay, Harp, you didn't mean to do it." He said shrugging, Harper bit her lip as she secretly enjoyed the packet smaking into Malcolm's face almost setting it a blaze.

"Hey, Harper," Hal says walking into the kitchen before he stops and looks at Malcolm, "Oh God, Malcolm what happened?" He asked before taking the peas and emptying them into a pot.

"Reese stuffed the microwave with popcorn packets." He says his mouth slightly open from his dad taking the peas. Harper nodded, she was always quiet when it came to adults but energetic when it comes with her friends, she and Malcolm became friends when they both joined the "exceptionally gifted" class her IQ was off the charts and her best subject is English as she is an exceptional writer. Malcolm was always jealous of how her writing can just flow without stopping.

"Is Harper staying for dinner?" He asked, Malcolm raised an eyebrow at Harper who shook her head.

"No, actually she should be going home now." Harper nodded as she stood walking to the back door of the house.

"Thanks you for having me, goodbye." She said opening the door and walking away, Malcolm looked after his friend before sighing.

"She didn't even help me with my problem." Harper walked on the sidewalk, it was a cold day as the wind rustled the leaves causing them to fall, she walked to a black colored house that was four houses away from Malcolm's. She opened the door and was met with her sister and brother with a huge cake.

"Happy 15th birthday!" They yelled as her dad slide into the picture, Harper smiled and began to laugh as she tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.

"Thanks guys."

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