Time was ticking, and it was going by fast.

Yet he wasn't moving, just slumped against the wall, frozen with dread. The fear ate at him, tearing him apart. His eyes darted around the room, waiting for something horrible to happen. His breaths came out shaky, panic filling up. The darkness was his only company, the ticking of the clock barely washing away the silence.

He didn't dare close his eyes, so when he did, he snapped them open fast, waiting for them to be there, ready to accuse and torment him some more.

It was bad enough with Tartarus, but his own friends? The people he failed to help? He couldn't handle it. Not a single bit. Anxiety built up, guilt tore at him every second, no matter how many times people said it wasn't his fault.

But it was. It was his fault.

Because he did nothing to prevent it. And now they're getting revenge, revenge for letting them down, revenge for forgetting what he'd done.

And now he was paying the price the hard way.

He waited, for the familiar cracked skull and crushed bones, for the charred and peeling skin on the face that was once beautiful, and for everyone else he failed.

Percy held back a sob. He was losing. The ticking went by faster, the shadows seemed to move, closer and closer, like an animal circling it's prey. He saw what they did to horrible, disgusting people like him, and he didn't want to be next. Even though every instinct screamed to run or grab Riptide or to get off his ass and do something about it, he couldn't. He just couldn't do it.

Instead he sat there, huddled up, paralyzed by the fear and utterly terrified out of his mind, like some little, defenseless kid.

Like the kid he used to be.

He faced so much, and yet, there was something about this that just scared the living hell out of him. Percy wanted to scream. He really did. But screaming didn't do much when you're drowning. It only lets the water in.

So he stayed quiet. He watched as the horrible truth unraveled, because the truth always somehow, no matter how ugly, it always catches up to you.

And it always hurts.


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