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7 months later

" go run and hide Fukuhare" i yell to him.

It's been 7 months since we've destroyed the leaf. Sasuke , fukuhare and i have also destroyed the sand ,cloud ,sound,wind , fire,earth and lightning villages . We robbed a few people on our way back for items in the house .
They call us the hyuchias i like the name everything was well until. . .

"Fukuhare come inside it looks like it's gonna rain" as i look up at the sky . sasuke is in my sight in the forest training .
"Sasuke its- go run and hide Fukuhare" i yell after seeing sasuke captured . I push Fukuhare inside to feel kuni in my back and sasuke's in a trap . I turn to see them suck some of his chakra as they move in towards the house. I then hear fukuhare yell out something that worries me "Mommy help me the men in mask are -" as i hear him muffled out.
"Fukuhare or sasuke i think. Sasuke would want me to help and protect Fukuhare. I'm sorry sasuke" as the ninja pull away with sasuke in the cage like trap.

Sasuke pov

"Hinata please protect fukuhare" i knew what she chose when she blew me a kiss. " Thank you hinata " as they pull me away and my chakra depletes.

Hinata pov

I run in after pulling the kuni out quickly to see a anbu black opp taking Fukuhare.

"Mommy" he said muffled . I tried to get him back but they surrounded me in my home.
As the anbu took him out the hallway window he looked at me with fear in his face and a tear.

"Let him go i yelled"as i fought pass the anbu i jumped out the window with the anbu i could feel fukuhare's pants on my finger he looked back crying.
I'm fighting off the anbu in front of me on the grass.
I can hear fukuhare yelling and crying .

"Mommy daddy. mommy . let me go. mommy don't let the masked man take me mommy" as he struggled i ran towards him to be tackled to the ground.

" Fukuhare no i'm coming don't worry. Let him go " i yell as tears drip down his and my face.

They put him in the cage and he goes chakra mode trying to escape. He then sits their quietly in the cage looking at me with his hand out i put mine out like i can touch him as the anbu holding the cage disappears.

"I'll kill you all" i yell out .
I grabbed them all to put them in chibaku tensei as they try to break out yelling i crushed them the blood is like rain and I decide to dance in it. I then get my red dress and robe from the akatsuki.

"I'm getting them back one way or another and I'll kill anyone who stands in my way"as i leave the house running to the leaf village after almost a year.

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