Chapter 14 (Mini Chapter)

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Harry’s sobs filled they entire house, until the air felt heavy, and tense. Anne was knelt down next to Harry’s crouched form, and waited for him to calm down. “Harry, if you don’t relax, you’ll make yourself sick, sweetheart.” Anne gently rubbed his back. Harry only sobbed louder, as he attempted to speak. “Lou-­sob- not like-hiccup- anymore! No-sob- see Louis-sob- mean-hiccup-to me!” Harry starting rocking his body back and forth, as his sobs intensified. “Hush Harry, just calm down,” Anne brushed a few curly locks away from his eyes. “Come on, let’s go take a nap.” Anne gently pulled Harry to stand, and guided him toward the stairs. Harry whined in protest, but gave up when they were at the top of the stairs.

                Anne opened the door to Harry’s room, and slightly pushed him inside. She pulled back the blankets for Harry to climb into his bed. He slowly crawled under the covers, and snuggled himself in its warmth. “Good, now just relax, and when you wake up, I’ll make something to eat, okay?” Anne said as she carded her fingers through his hair. Harry nodded solemnly, and closed his eyes. Anne left his door wide open as she exited his room, and made her way to the living room. She took the house phone out of its receiver, and dialed Louis’ number.

                Meanwhile, Harry was lying in his bed, staring at the ceiling, trying his best not to cry anymore than he had. He sat up to see that his door was wide open, and heard mumbling coming from downstairs. He kicked the covers off his body, and tip toed over to the door to get a better listen. Harry heard his mother talking, but wasn’t sure to whom, so he slowly crept past the banister, and down half a flight of stairs. He bit his finger to keep from making any noise that would give away his cover. All of a sudden, Harry felt someone tap him on the shoulder, and he screamed, before realizing that Gemma had been trying to get past him on the stairs. “What’s wrong, Harry?” She asked, putting her hand on his back to calm him down. Harry only responded by putting his pointer finger to his lips, and pointing in the direction of the living room. “Oh, mum? She’s right there.” Gemma turned Harry around for him to be face to face with his mother.

                “Why did I hear screaming?” Anne looked between the two siblings, with her hands on her hips. “I just found Harry standing here, and he wasn’t moving, so I tapped him on the shoulder, and he freaked out.” Gemma said, before walking down the rest of the stairs and heading toward the kitchen. “Harry you’re supposed to be asleep. Go back to bed, until I call you for dinner.” Anne said, not having the patience to deal with another crying episode at the moment. “Who was talking?” Harry asked. “What do you mean, sweetheart?” Anne asked, while leading her son over to the living room, both of them taking a seat on the couch. “When you left, I heard talking.” Harry said, his eyebrows furrowing together. It took Anne a few seconds to realize that Harry heard her talking on the phone. “Oh, I was only talking to Louis, honey. He really wants to come and see you.” Anne placed her hand on Harry’s shoulder, only to have him shrug it off. “No, I don’t wanna see him.” Harry frowned, and looked away from his mum. “He’s already on his way here, just give him a chance to-“Anne was cut off by Harry’s scream. “NOOOO! I DON’T WANT HIM!” Harry covered his ears with his hands, and got up from the couch, only to pace around the room in anger. Anne sighed, trying to keep her emotions boiled down. “Harry, just calm down,” She stood to try and hug him, but he struggled to get out her grip. “LET GO!” Harry clawed at his mother’s arms. “Gemma!” Anne yelled, as she let go of her son. Gemma came running into the living room, to find Harry in the corner, and her mother rubbing at her arms. “What’s going on?” Gemma asked, fear creeping up in her throat. “Just try to calm Harry down, please.” Anne said through gritted teeth.

                Harry sobbed in the corner, as Gemma slowly approached him. “Harry, what happened to mum?” She kept her distance as she knelt down in front of him. “M-mum n-not let go. No Louis…” He choked out.

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