Part 2 - A kiss and Elliot

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After the incident last week, I have been very paranoid with everything around me. I could get kidnapped anytime, and any where.

Michelle really needed some extra stuff from the stores and she was about to leave but I stopped her,

"Michelle, if you'd like I can go run errands for you. It'll be easier for you and me." I exclaimed as I stood up and ran towards her.

"(F/N)! I couldn't! What if something happens to you?" Michelle asked worriedly. I grabbed my rain coat and a pocket knife.

"I can protect myself, with my self defense, and my blade work, I'll be fine." I replied as I hid my pocket knife in my coat.

"Be safe! Come back as soon as you can!" Michelle answered as I waved good bye to her with my hood up.

I walked to the store and bought all of the items needed and walked back to the store. Of course I felt watched, so I secretly pulled out my pocket knife and held it in my hands just in case. I was being very cautious of my surroundings, soon I heard running from behind me so I turned around with my knife.

I threw my blade up, but the person caught my arm and held it above me. My eyes widened at who I saw.

It was Ciel.

I let out a breath and I fell to the ground on my knees. Holding my chest, breathing heavily.

"Hey! Are you okay?" Ciel asked as he lowered himself to match my position. I looked at him, fear obviously in my eyes.

"I thought you were going to kidnap me.." I replied as I let go of my pocket knife. I started trembling. I held my left hand close to my chest as well. My overly sized hood, blocked my face from Ciel's view.

Ciel pushed my hood back and he held my cheeks and leaned in and kissed me, right the lips.

"I didn't mean to scare you, accept my apology with that kiss." He stood up and held out his hand. I was blushing furiously because Ciel never kissed me. I would kiss him first.

I shakily took his hand and we walked back to the shop with half of the bags in my hand and the other half in Ciel's. The bell rang as we entered shop, and Michelle greeted the two if us.

"Oh! Welcome Ciel!" Michelle said as she starting making some tea. Michelle glanced at you, and noticed your red face. "(F/N) you're all red? What happened?"

"N-Nothing happened!" I replied quickly. Michelle looked at me and smiled.

Michelle soon finished her tea and gave us some, Earl Grey for Ciel because that's his favorite. We drank in peace, when Ciel and I made eye contact I jumped and some of my tea fell out of the cup and onto the table.

"Oh no, my bad." I said as I ran to fund a napkin. When I came back Ciel stared at me. "Did you need something?" I asked.

"Ever since that kiss, you've been acting differently." Ciel said and you squeaked.

"Aha! I knew something was up!" She yelled from the kitchen. I blushed and looked at Ciel.

"It's just that, you never kiss me, and it caught me by surprise." I admit.

Ciel just smirked at me and continued staring, I sighed and cleaned the table.
Michelle ran to me with Elliot and she held her hands together, like she needed something. I looked up at her while holding Elliot.

"Did you need something Michelle?" I asked, she nodded.

"Tomorrow, Louis and I want to have a date night. We'll close he shop for tomorrow and you can stay over at Ciel's, but please, please, we need you to watch Elliot!" She pleaded.

"Sure." I replied. Her eyes sparkled.

"Really? Thank goodness for you! Thanks so much!" Michelle exclaimed as she ran and hugged me.

"Of course, it's the least I can do for everything you've done for me. Plus, Ciel Can start to bond to with Elliot!" I replied. Ciel looked at and I just smiled at him.

"Thank you, your a life saver! You can head back with Ciel. I'll give you everything Elliot needs so you should be prepared. You know how to take care of him and his nap times, you can do this!" Michelle said as she ran around packing a bag of Elliot's things for me.

Later, Sebastian came and picked Ciel and I up to go to the manor. Elliot seemed to enjoy the carriage ride. When we entered I ran for Mey-Rin and hugged her, I introduced her and everybody else to Elliot. Elliot didn't have a problem with any of them.

We were getting ready for bed so I handed Ciel Elliot to hold while I went to go change. I could tell it was awkward for him, he wasn't good with babies. Soon Elliot started to cry and Ciel was freaking out. I laughed at him and decided to just watch him.

"(F/N) help me!" He asked.

"You can do it Ciel." I replied watching him. He held Elliot and started to pat Elliot on his back and he bounced a bit to calm him, and it worked. "There you Ciel, look, he's a sleep." I said as I took Eliot and placed him in a crib they had.

I yawned and jumped into bed, Ciel slid into bed and soon we fell asleep from an exhausting day.

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